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The idea behind our Full Focus series is to let the reader listen to a track from an album at the same time as reading the concepts behind the track as seen by the composer and the musicians involved. If you would like to write about an album track and the ideas behind it, please contact us.

The articles so far in this series:



Alan Benzie Trio Little Mysteries



Alan Benzie Trio - Sunken Ruins from the album Little Mysteries






Henry Spencer The Reason's Don't Change



Henry Spencer and Juncture - On The Bridge and Hopeless Heartless from the album The Reasons Don't Change






Blazing Flame The Set List Shuffle



Blazing Flame Quintet - Over The Brow Of The Green Hill from The Set List Shuffle.






Rodgers and Hart



Sam Braysher On Rodgers and Hart






The Hot Spot album



The Hot Spot - John Lee Hooker and Miles Davis.






Alastair Penman Electric Dawn



Alastair Penman - Sandbox from Electric Dawn






Tom Green Skyline



Tom Green - Equilibrium from Skyline






Tori Freestone album



Tori Freestone - Lagan Love from In The Chophouse






Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie



Sam Braysher - Cherokee by Charlie Parker





Alex Killpartrick



Alex Killpartick - How It Sounds






Beaker cover



Alec Harper - Beaker







Sergey Kuryokhin The Spirit Lives



Sergey Kuryokhin - The Spirit Lives.






Ta Lam



Gebhard Ullmann - Tà Lam






Dave Manington's Riff Raff Hullabaloo



Dave Manington - Agile from Hullabaloo



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