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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for March

The Big Bands

This month we gave you fifteen questions about jazz Big Bands / Orchestras over the years - how many could you answer?


London City Big Band

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Give yourself an extra point if you were able to identify the missing line of this song :

Let the drums roll out
Let the trumpet call
While the people shout



1. When Frank Sinatra made his Sinatra At The Sands concert recording in the Copa Room of the former Sands Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in 1966, whose orchestra accompanied him?


2. Which saxophonist is the Artistic Director of the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra?


3. Who is the American composer who has been an arranger of big band music since 1941? He has published nearly 600 numbers for school groups and many for professional big bands. He has conducted and recorded his arrangements with several leading European Radio Jazz Orchestras, including the BBC Big Band in London, but is perhaps best know for his arrangements for Count Basie.


4. She sang with Benny Goodman and Harry James, but it was in 1938 that Benny Goodman's Carnegie Hall concert was recorded as an anniversary present by her rich husband at the time, Alfred Marx. Who was she?


5. Re-arrange the following letters to make the single name of the UK Jazz Orchestra that releases the album The Adventures Of Mr Pottercakes this month. They have been on tour during February and finish the tour with 2 gigs in London (1st March at the Southbank Foyer) and Oxford (20th March at the Tap Social Movement) - PORKWATCH.


6. Name the prestigious youth jazz band from Barcelona led by Joan Chamorro that has featured trumpeter Andrea Motis and trombonist Rita Payés among other young talents.


7. From 1927 to 1928, Adrian Rollini, Chelsea Quealey, Tommy Felline and Jack Russin left America to join which London-based band leader who was leading a band at the Savoy Ballroom?


8. UK dance band leader, Ambrose, was born in Warsaw in 1896 and given the first name of Benjamin. What first name was he better known by?


9. Trumpeter Wynton Marsalis leads an American big band / jazz orchestra that is part of a performing arts organisation in New York City - what is the orchestra known as?


10. What name was given in 1944 to the first of a number of Woody Herman's big bands?


11. In 1947, Woody Herman led the 'Four Brothers Band'. The band featured Zoot Sims, Serge Chaloff, Herbie Steward, and Stan Getz and a tune Four Brothers written by which clarinettist and saxophonist who was an arranger for Woody Herman at the time? He became a key figure in West Coast jazz and later, in 1961, formed a trio with Paul Bley (piano) and Steve Swallow (double bass).


12. Which London-based Scottish bass player leads a big band that plays each month at The Vortex Jazz Club in London? He has played in the Kit Downes Trio, The Tommy Smith Group and The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra as well as being in demand with many other groups.


13. Which trumpeter formed a big band with drummer Mel Lewis in New York in 1965? The band performed for twelve years and toured the Soviet Union in 1972 during the 'Cold War'.


14. Paul Whiteman, the 'King Of Jazz', had one of the most popular dance bands in the United States during the 1920s and early 1930s. His vocal trio, the Rythm Boys, were Harry Barris, Al Rinker ... and which other singer?


15. Which late American double bass player formed the Liberation Music Orchestra, featuring arrangements by pianist Carla Bley. In the late 1960s, he became a member of pianist Keith Jarrett's trio, quartet and quintet?




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