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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for January

There's No Business Like Show Business


This month we give you the titles of fifteen tunes that were written for shows or films and which have been recorded by jazz musicians. Are you able to identify the shows or films for which they were originally written?


Annie Get Your Gun poster


Give yourself one extra point if you are able to identify the song title for these lyrics:

The costumes, the scenery, the makeup, the props
The audience that lifts you when you're down
The headaches, the heartaches, the backaches, the flops
The sheriff who'll escort you out of town
The opening when your heart beats like a drum
The closing when the customers don't come


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Oklahoma poster


For which shows or films were the following tunes originally written?


1. Summertime


2. If I Were A Bell


3. I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face


4. Surrey With The Fringe On Top


5. My Favourite Things


6. There's No Business Like Show Business


7. Tea For Two


8. Fascinating Rhythm


9. Someone To Watch Over Me


10. 'S Wonderful


11. I Can't Get Started (With You)


12. Pure Imagination


13. Somewhere Over The Rainbow


14. Cheek To Cheek


15. Old Man River



Wizard Of Oz poster






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