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Try our quiz. Fifteen questions each month to exercise those little grey cells.

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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for June


This month we give you the names of fifteen tunes dedicated to or named for people, places or things - can you identify who or what they refer to?


Who is this

Give yourself an extra point if you are able to complete the missing words of this song :


And the moon on high, baby, 
Knows the reason why: 
xxxxx xxx - is you!

No one else it seems, 
Ever shared my dreams, 
Without you I don't know what I'd do.

In this heart of mine, 
You live all the time, 
Ooh, xxx - just you!


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1. U.M.M.G. - What was the UMMG?



Rose Room poster




2. Rose Room - Where was the Rose Room?








3. In Walked Bud - Who was 'Bud'?


4. King Porter Stomp - Who was 'King Porter'?


5. Pennsylvania 65000 - What was this the number for?


6. Fables Of Faubus - Who was 'Faubus'?


7. Moose The Mooche - Who was 'Moose The Mooche'?

8. Stompin’ At The Savoy - What was the Savoy?


9. I Remember Clifford - Who was 'Clifford'?


10. Jumpin' With Symphony Sid - Who was 'Symphony Sid'?







11. Pannonica - Who was 'Pannonica'?








12. Bag’s Groove - Who was 'Bags'?


13. Birk’s Works - Who was 'Birks'?


14. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat - Who was 'Pork Pie Hat'?


15. Relaxin’ At Camarillo - What was Camarillo?




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