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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for December

Now Here's The Question ...

This month we give you fifteen miscellaneous questions about jazz - how many can you answer?


Louis Armstrong


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Give yourself an extra point if you are able to complete the next three lines from these lyrics :

Them that's got, shall get
Them that's not, shall lose
So the Bible said, and it still is news



1. Which clarinet and tenor saxophone player had the nickname "Honey Bear" in the 1930s because of his large camelhair coat? He joined Fats Waller’s Rhythm in 1934, and Woody Allen took lessons from him.


2. Which swing bandleader in 1953 ‘re-formed his classic band for an expensive tour with Louis Armstrong's All Stars that turned into a famous disaster. He managed to insult Armstrong at the beginning; then he was appalled at the vaudeville aspects of Louis's act ... a contradiction of everything (he) stood for’ (Donald Clarke)?. Apparently, ‘This led to a feud with Armstrong, which spilled into the public arena when Armstrong left (him) hanging during a joint performance where (he) called Armstrong back onstage to wrap up the show. Armstrong refused to perform alongside (him), which led essentially to the end of their friendship, cordial or otherwise.



Who is this?





3. Which bebop drummer and bandleader was nicknamed ‘Klook’? He was the house drummer at Minton's Playhouse in the early 1940s.








4. Which Belgian pianist and composer formed a big band with ‘Klook’ in 1961? The jointly named band lasted until 1972 during which time many international musicians played in the band which recorded more than 15 albums.


5. In 1930, Hugues Panassié, a French critic and record producer met a trumpeter in Paris. In 1938, Panassié went to New York, and recorded the ‘Panassié Sessions’ with Sidney Bechet, Mezz Mezzro and the trumpeter he had met in Paris. Who was the trumpeter?




Who is this?




6. Who was the British trumpeter and bandleader of the ‘Feetwarmers’ who put together the reference book Who's Who of British Jazz?






7. Which trumpeter composed the jazz standard Undecided? His father was a distant relative of fats Navarro and his brother Earnie, a heavyweight boxer. He made a number of recordings as trumpet soloist with Billie Holiday.


8. John Kirby, who worked with Benny Goodman and led his own ‘chamber jazz’ sextet in the late 1930s / early 1940s played trombone and tuba, but what was his main instrument?


9. Which British pianist and composer recorded the 1965 album Jazz Suite Inspired by Dylan Thomas's "Under Milk Wood"?


10. Which famous composer and arranger played trombone in the big bands of Tommy Dorsey, Woody Herman, Gene Krupa and Charlie Barnet, but is remembered for  his big band arrangements for the Count Basie Orchestra  between 1967 and 1984?



11. Which pianist led the Red Hot Peppers?




Jazz Club



12. Which jazz club is located at 11 Gillett Square, Dalston, London, N16 8AZ?







13. In the Harry Potter stories a ‘Muggle’ is someone who was not born to a magical family. In the 1930s and '40s ‘Muggles’ was slang for – what?


14. Who is the drummer for the British band Empirical that includes Nathaniel Facey (alto sax), Tom Farmer (double bass) and Lewis Wright (vibraphone)?


15. Which Miles Davis album included the tracks So What; Freddie Freeloader; Blue In Green; All Blues and Flamenco Sketches?



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