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Try our quiz. Fifteen questions each month to exercise those little grey cells.

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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for April

Lyrical Identities

This month we give you clues from song lyrics to the identites of fifteen people - can you work out who they are?


Questioning face


Give yourself an extra point if you are able to identify the missing line of this song :

You give your hand to me
And then you say: Hello
And I can hardly speak
My heart is beating so
And anyone can tell
You think you know me well


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1. Who is the girl who '.... who understands I'm a boy who must be free' ?


2. Who is 'The song a robin sings,Through years of endless springs,The murmur of a brook at evening tides, That ripples through a nook where two lovers hide ......'


3. Who has 'Two left feet but (is) oh, so neat ...'?


4. 'When it's raining I don't miss the sun 'cause it's in my sweetie's smile'. Who is my sweetie?


5. Who wears 'Fancy gloves, babe, So there's never, never a trace of red'?



Who is this




6. Who had 'those Dixie eyes blazin'?








7. Who is asked 'Don't let him take me, Don't let him handle me and drive me mad, If you can keep me, I wanna stay here with you forever'?


8. Who's tune does 'Office clerks, soda jerks whistle, Millionaires, even squares whistle, Hark the lark in the park crazy as a loon In a tree skillfully sing and Little kids go to school singin' ?


9. Who 'Made me love you, now your gal has come'?



Who is this





10. Who is it that 'each day when she walks to the sea She looks straight ahead, not at me'.







11. 'You can tell the mailman not to call, I ain't comin' home until the fall, And I might not get back home at all' Why?


12. When 'Old Deacon Splivin, his flock was givin' the way of livin' right, yes Said he, "No wingin', no ragtime singin', tonight" .... Who jumped up 'and shouted out with all her might, "Oh, tain't no use to preachin' Oh, tain't no use to teachin', each modulation of syncopation Just tells my feet to dance and I can't refuse When I hear the melody they call the blues, those ever lovin' blues"?


13. Who 'ran to the man who had led her so far astray And from under her velvet gown drew a gun and shot her lover down'?


Who is this



14. Who was 'the roughest, toughest frail But had a heart as big as a whale'?






15. About who did the bartender say: 'I don't want cause you no trouble I ain't gonna tell you no lie, I saw your lover an hour ago with a gal named Nellie Bligh'?





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