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Try our quiz. Fifteen questions each month to exercise those little grey cells.

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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for September

Anna Gram

This month we give you anagrams of the names of fifteen jazz vocalists -
how many could you unravel?

Don't forget to check your score.


Who is this?



Click here for the Answers page to see how you have done and to find some great videos.

Don't forget to check your score!

Give yourself one extra point if you are able to complete the next line of this song :


I'm not much to look at, nothin' to see
Just glad I'm livin' and happy to be
I got a woman, crazy for me



1. Tom Merle



2. Fidel Gatzerall




Who is this?





3. Pammy Hurrk










4. Carol Rillane



5. Shimmy Juring




Who is this?





6. Tiny Ama









7. Leon Lacie


8. King Tellur


9. Roger Progtrey


10. Bart Cheek




Who is this?





11. Missie Besht








12. Kat Stencey


13. Ann Rossie


14. Holly Bidiliea


15. Ella Trace





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