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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for December

London Calling

This month we give you fifteen questions related to 'London'. How many can you answer?





Give yourself an extra point if you are able to identify the missing line in these lyrics:

'Have you seen the old man in the closed down market,
Kicking up the papers with his worn out shoes?

In his eyes you see no pride, hand held loosely by his side,
Yesterday's paper telling yesterday's news.

So how can you tell me you're lonely
And say for you that the sun doesn't shine?

I'll show you something to make you change your mind.'


A link to the answers is at the bottom of the page - don't forget to check your score



1. Which 3 words from the song London Bridge Is Falling Down are the title of a musical by Lerner and Loewe and a recording by Shelly Manne and his Friends?



Who is this





2. Which UK clarinettist opened a jazz club in London's Great Windmill Street in the 1950s?









3. According to the lyrics, in which London Square did a nightinglale sing (correct spelling please)?



Billy Strayhorn




4. After which bridge over the river Thames did Billy Strayhorn name one of his compositions? (According to Ellington biographer James Lincoln Collier, during a trip to Europe, Strayhorn was inspired by a J. M. W. Turner or James McNeill Whistler painting of Battersea Bridge and perhaps mistakenly named the song after this other bridge).








5. What was the weather like on the day 'the British Museum had lost its charm'?


6. Which word in the title of a book by Jack London appears in a blues recorded by Louis Armstrong and a tune from the film Some Like It Hot?


7. Which singer was an actress but also released 32 albums during the 1950s and 1960s - her signature song was Cry Me A River?



8. Which London jazz club opened in 1942 as a restaurant called "Macks". It was originally hired out every Sunday evening by Robert Feldman at £4 per night to host a jazz club featuring swing music? In the 1950s when Lyn Dutton, Humphrey Lyttelton's agent became the new leaseholder – he decided to name the club after the trumpeter.



9. According to the title of a track on the Frank Sinatra / Billy May album Come Fly With Me when is London ‘a wonderful sight’.



10. Which jazz trumpeter, a founder member of the Eric Delaney band where he was also joined by Kenny Ball, has the same name as a famous London concert venue?



Where is this?



11. Irving Berlin wrote a song where the title includes the name of a famous luxury London hotel in Mayfair - name the hotel and the song.






12. Why was Archer Street, a narrow back street in London's Soho, once important for musicians?




Who is this




13. Which singer recorded The London Bridge Song? The singer, who also recorded the album Mingus, introduced The London Bridge Song in 1967: "So now London Bridge is truly falling down and they've put it up for sale and, uh, I got to thinking a while about who should buy it, and what would happen if certain people bought it, and certain things would be drastic. But if The Beatles bought it and painted it bright fuchsia and had the same people who painted their Rolls Royce, with flowers all over it and also their gypsy caravan with the little steps up the back and the two fine matched Clydesdale horses--who aren't painted, just the caravan is!-- To paint the bridge, it might be kind of fun in London."





14. How was London's Denmark Street affectionately known when it was the location for music publishers' offices?


15. Which ethnic area of London in and around Gerrard Street has Soho to its north and west and 'theatreland' to the south and east? It is also the name of a song by William Jerome and Jean Schwartz recorded by Fletcher Henderson, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet, Art Tatum and Coleman Hawkins (amongst many others).




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