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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for April


This month we bring you a cornucopial plethora of diverse and miscellaneous assorted questions in the Jazz Quiz.


Musical Cornucopia


Give yourself one extra point if you were able to identify the song title for these lyrics:

I've seen the lights of gay Broadway,
Old Market Street down by the Frisco Bay,
I've strolled the Prado, I've gambled on the Bourse;
The seven wonders of the world I've seen,
And many are the places I have been,

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1. Who was the singer on the Bossa Nova hit The Girl From Ipanema, which featured Stan Getz and Antonio Carlos Jobim?


2. Which band was led by Ernest Loring Nichols?


3. What were the first names of the vocalese group Lambert, Hendricks and Ross?



Blossom Dearie



4. Singer and pianist Blossom Dearie’s last album That’s Just The Way I Want To Be (1970) included three songs named after British musicians / singers: Hey John (for John Lennon), Dusty Springfield, and what was the third, named after a jazz, rhythm and blues singer and keyboard player whose birth name is Clive Powell?





5. Count Basie's later theme song was April In Paris, but what was the theme song he played from 1935 in the early days of his band?


6. _ In The Sky: What word is missing from the title of this 1943 film that featured Louis Armstrong as one of Lucifer Junior's minions?



Who's this?



7. Which free-jazz drummer was resident drummer at Ronnie Scott’s Club from 1966 until the early 1970s? In 1970 he helped found Incus Records along with Derek Bailey and others and also the Musicians Cooperative. He has worked closely with many musicians including Anthony Braxton and Cecil Taylor.





8. Which jazz pianist is being described here: ‘He reached a personal peak when he performed with Goodman band at its famous 1938 Carnegie Hall jazz concert on 16 January 1938 .... The Carnegie Hall performance has gained legendary status, elevated in part by (his) unplanned piano solo during "Sing, Sing, Sing". Following a Goodman/Krupa duet, (he) received a nod from Goodman to take a solo. "... given the venue, what followed was appropriate," wrote David Rickert. "Used to just playing rhythm on the tune, he was unprepared for a turn in the spotlight, but what came out of his fingers was a graceful, impressionistic marvel with classical flourishes, yet still managed to swing. It was the best thing he ever did, ..." Some believe that (he) did not gain the recognition he rightly deserved because Teddy Wilson was the regular pianist for the Goodman quartet, the most acclaimed of Goodman's bands.’



9. What does ‘UMMG’ stand for in the Billy Strayhorn composition for the Duke Ellington Orchestra?



Who's This?


10. Which Polish trumpeter, composer and improviser lost his natural teeth in the 1990s? Over time he developed a new embouchure with the help of a skilled dentist and monotonous practice. He would spend long hours playing what he deemed to be "boring" long tones which helped to strengthen his lip, in spite of playing with the disadvantage of false teeth. Derek Richardson wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle that, "(he) is not the first jazz musician to negotiate a rapprochement between gorgeous melodies and free improvisation. But he is one of the most eloquent proponents of extemporaneous lyricism working today”.



11. Frank Teschemacher was killed in an automobile accident in 1932, a passenger in a car driven by cornetist "Wild" Bill Davison; it was several days short of what would have been the jazz musician’s 26th birthday. What instrument(s) did Frank play?



Who's This




12. Which bass player, composer and bandleader who has been performing and recording for five decades is President of the UK-based National Youth Jazz Collective? Born in 1946, he has played, recorded and collaborated with too many famous jazz musicians to list here. He has won the Critics Poll in Down Beat magazine for Musician of the Year, Big Band of the Year, and Acoustic Bassist of the Year (he also garnered top bassist in the 2006 poll). The Jazz Journalists' Association honoured him as Musician and Acoustic Bassist of the Year and he was the recipient of the Miles Davis Award at the Montreal Jazz Festival (he was with Miles Davis on the albums In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew).





13. Re-arrange these letters to form the title of Neal Hefti composition for Count Basie: THIRD ELF BOOS OFF FIGHT.


14. Which American drummer and bandleader featured a teenaged Ella Fitzgerald as vocalist?


15. Which trumpeter and arranger toured with Lionel Hampton, produced the Michael Jackson albums Off The Wall and Thriller, and in 1991, collaborated with Miles Davis for a performance at the Montreaux Jazz Festival that became Miles’s last released album?




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