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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for June

Band Call

This month we challenge you to complete the names of fifteen bands - to help, we have given you the number of letters in the missing titles.

Give yourself one extra point if you are able to identify the song title for these lyrics:I

Let me take you by the hand
Up to the man, up to the man
Who's the leader of the band

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1. Red Mackenzie and the Celestial ------ (6)


Who's This?



2. The Mound City ---- ------- (4, 7)





3. Henry Spencer and -------- (8)


4. Courtney Pine's Afropean Jazz-------- (8)


5. Chris McGregor's Brotherhood -- ------ (2, 6)


6. Spike Jones and his ---- -------- (4, 8)


Who's This?



7. Pat Metheny ----- Band (5)





8. John McLaughlin's ---------- Orchestra (10)


9. John Chilton's ----------- (11)


10. Acker Bilk's --------- Jazz Band (9)


11. Sun Ra -------- (8)


12. King Oliver's Dixie ----------- (11)


13. Snarky ----- (5)


Who's This?



14. Art Blakey and the ---- ---------- (4, 10)






15. The Bruce Turner ---- Band (4)



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