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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for August

Beat It

This month we challenge you with 15 questions about drumming - see how many you can answer.


Who is this?



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Give yourself one extra point if you are able to identify the song from which these lyrics are taken :

Old man trouble I don't mind him
You won't find him 'round my door




Who is this?





1. Which drummer played with Count Basie from 1934 to 1948 - Philly Joe Jones or Papa Jo Jones?








2. Which drummer played with the Benny Goodman Orchestra at the famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Concert?



3. Which actor played the part of drummer Andrew Neiman in the 2014 film Whiplash?



Who is this?




4. Who was the drummer in the famous Bill Evans Trio?








5. What is the 'Moeller Method'?



6. Playing with the Mound City Blue Blowers in the 1920s, what did Josh Billings use instead of a drum kit?



7. Norwegian Wood was written by The Beatles and first appeared on their Rubber Soul album. Which jazz drummer featured the tune regularly with his orchestra?



8. Which drummer headed up the band The Jazz Messengers?




Who is this?




9. Which drummer was known as 'Big Sid'?









10. Which drummer, first name 'Terri' was mentored by Jack DeJohnette; has played with Dizzy Gillespie,Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and many others; was appointed professor at Berklee College of Music in 2007 where she had received an honorary doctorate in 2003. She has won three Grammy Awards and is also Artistic Director of the Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival.




Who is this?




11. Who is this Scottish drummer (pictured) who plays with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and whose new album KPF we featured recently in a Tea Break item?






12. Which English jazz drummer, sometimes confused with American drummer Kenny Clarke, sometimes played drums for the Kenny Clarke-Francy Boland Big Band in 1963-66 when Clarke was unavailable.



13. Which drummer was best known for his playing with the Dave Brubeck Quartet?



Who is this?





14. Name the West Coast drummer whose band was billed as '............ and his Men'. He was involved in the 1955 film The Man With The Golden Arm where he not only played drums throughout but functioned as a personal assistant to director Otto Preminger and tutored the star of the film, Frank Sinatra?







15. Louis Armstrong's drummer, and Johnny Dodds' younger brother, was know as 'Baby' Dodds - what was his actual first name?





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