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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for October

Given The Choice...

This month we challenge you with fifteen jazz-related questions where we give you a choice from three possible answers. How many can you choose correctly?


Louis Armstrong and ?

Louis Armstrong and his adopted son.


Give yourself an extra point if you are able to identify the song from which these lyrics come :

'A country dance was being held in a garden
I felt a bump and heard an "Oh, beg your pardon"
Suddenly I saw ----- ---- --- ---------
All around a pug-nosed dream ...'

A link to the answers is at the bottom of the page.




Alexanders Ragtime Band




1. Who was the composer of the tune 'Alexander’s Ragtime Band'? Was it Irving Berlin, Cy Coleman or Vernon Duke?








2. Whose early career was described by jazz historian Dave Gelly as “James Dean, Sinatra and Bix, rolled into one” – Clifford Brown, Lee Morgan or Chet Baker?


3. The Long Shadow Of The Little Giant is the title of the biography of which UK saxophonist: Tubby Hayes, Ronnie Ross or Tony Coe?



The Pheasantry



4. The Pheasantry, part of Pizza Express Live clubs, is located in which part of London: Knightsbridge, Soho or Chelsea?






5. What was the first name of Louis Armstrong’s adopted son? Was it: Honore, Clarence or Sterling?


6. Seb Rochford is best known for playing which instrument – trombone, guitar or drums?


7. Which early jazz cornet / trumpet player and band leader is being described here? – Buddy Bolden, King Oliver or Freddie Keppard? : ‘(He) also had health problems, such as pyorrhea, a gum disease that was partly caused by his love of sugar sandwiches and it made it very difficult for him to play and he soon began delegating solos to younger players, but by 1935, he could no longer play the trumpet at all. (He) was stranded in Savannah, Georgia, where he pawned his trumpet and finest suits and briefly ran a fruit stall, then he worked as a janitor at Wimberly's Recreation Hall (526-528 West Broad Street).... (He) died in poverty "of arteriosclerosis, too broke to afford treatment" in a Savannah rooming house...’


8. Which of these bands has a monthly residency at the Vortex Jazz Club in London – The London City Big Band, the Calum Gourlay Big Band or the National Youth Jazz Orchestra?



Chet Baker



9. Trumpeter Chet Baker did not die in America but in which European country – Belgium, the Netherlands or France?







10. Trombonist Frankie Dusen took over Buddy Bolden’s band in New Orleans after Buddy collapsed and was admitted to a sanatorium. How did Frankie rename the band – the Onward Brass Band, the Superior Band or the Eagle Band?


11. Who founded the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra in 1995 – Bobby Wellins, Tommy Whittle or Tommy Smith?


12. Who or what was NHØP? – A Norwegian jazz club, a Danish bass player or a tune by the Esbjörn Svensson Trio (e.s.t.)?



Sidney Bechet


13. During the Depression, reeds player Sidney Bechet and trumpeter Tommy Ladnier opened a shop in Harlem. They were not really interested in business and so it didn’t last long. What sort of shop was it? – an off-licence, a musical instrument shop or a tailor’s shop?





14. Which musician released the album The Shape Of Jazz To Come in 1959? – Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman or Eric Dolphy?


15. Bass player Charlie Haden is reported to have said the following about another bass player. Who was he talking about? Percy Heath, George Morrow or Scott LaFaro? : ‘When I was in L.A., (he) and I roomed together. He would practice for hours: he had all these Sonny Rollins solos he had written out in bass clef! I remained close friends with (him) in New York, and would go over there to see and admire them, and (he) and Paul would come over to the Five Spot, too. When (he) was killed at age 25 (I was 24), I was devastated — I couldn't play for months.’




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