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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for May

Song Title Remix

This month we give you sixteen song titles but we have mixed them up by taking part of one title and attaching it to part of another title. Can you manage to unravel them?


Who's this?


Give yourself one extra point if you are able to identify the song title for these lyrics:

I'd wait for you
I'd slave for you
I'd be a beggar or a knave for you

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1. I Didn’t Know Miss Jones


2. You Must Believe What Time It Was


3. Autumn In Comfort


4. God Bless The Bounce


5. Have You Met In Rhythm


6. Good Morning Child


7. Billie’s Pork Pie Hat


8. Too Close For Spring


9. Struttin’ With Some Floogie


10. Fascinating Serenade


11. My Baby Just Cares The Most


12. Goodbye New York


13. Watermelon For Me


14. Moonlight Heartache


15. Spring Can Really Hang You Up Man


16. The Flat Foot Barbecue




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