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Jazz As Art

Mark Lewandowski
Lulu's Back In Town
from the album Waller


When you listen to music, you sometimes conjure images in your mind. Our Jazz As Art series invites you to listen to a piece of jazz and as it plays, scroll down the page and see which of the pieces of art I have chosen comes closest to the pictures in your mind. Hopefully, this will introduce you to recordings and art works you might not have spent time with before.


Lulu's Back In Town comes from the album Waller by British bass player Mark Lewandowski, a contemporary take on the music of Fats Waller. The album, released in April 2017, also features Liam Noble (piano) and Paul Clarvis (drums). There are six pictures I have chosen to go with the music. Press 'Play' below and then scroll down the page to which which piece of art work you think works best with the music.  




Auguste Renoir

Auguste Renoir Dance




Victoria Topping

Victoria Topping painting



Toulouse Lautrec

Toulouse Lautrec dancer


David Annesley

David Annesley Swing Low



Evgeni Hristov

Evgeni Hristov painting



Marla Olmstead

Marla Olmstead painting


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