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Hot Club of Jupiter



Violinist Kit Massey introduces this 'teaser' video for a new album, Vs London, from The Hot Club Of Jupiter and the online launch on the 16th April. The Hot Club Of Jupiter is a band that reflects the sounds of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grapelli and the album includes London-themed tunes such as A Foggy Day and A Nightingale Sang In Berkelely Square. [Featured April 2021]







Bruce Turner Christopher Columbus


1965 at the Antibes Jazz Festival and here is Bruce Turner and the Jump Band playing Christopher Columbus: Bruce Turner (alto sax): Ray Crane (trumpet); Ronnie Gleaves (vibraphone): Malcolm Rees (bass) and Johnny Armitage (drums). The notes also say that Brian Lemon is at the piano - he is either hidden or not featured on this number. [Featured April 2021]






Sam Braysher Dance Little Lady Dance Little Man



Saxophonist Sam Braysher releases his new album Dance Little Lady, Dance Little Man on the 22nd April in the company of Jorge Rossy (drums, vibraphone and marimba) and Tom Farmer (bass). This is a taster video for the album, but there is also a single currently available of the track Heart and Soul which you can enjoy in this video, and which you can download here. [Featured April 2021]






Bob Wilbur video



This video has Bob Wilbur playing soprano saxophone at the 1995 Mid-America Jazz Festival in St Louis with Derek Smith, Milt Hinton and Bobby Rosengarden. The tune is Bob Wilbur's original J J Jump dedicated to the UK jazz magazine Jazz Journal. [Featured April 2021]






Chris Barber Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean



Chris Barber, who sadly died in March, swings in this Jazz 625 video with Ottilie Patterson from 1964 and Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean. [Featured April 2021]







Down For The Count When I Fall In Love



The Down For The Count concert orchestra video of When I Fall In Love is taken from their new album At The Cold Stores to be released on 30th April. In this number, the swing orchestra features the voice of Hannah Castleman and the tenor sax of Alex Western-King. [Featured April 2021]






Dr Lonnie Smith Sunshine Superman



I don't know whether this counts as a video, I guess it does being a 'visualizer', but this is Donovan's Sunshine Superman from Dr Lonnie Smith's new album Breathe with Iggy Pop taking the vocals. [Featured April 2021]






Georgia Mancio Quiet Is The Star




Quiet Is The Star - the introductory video to Georgia Mancio and Alan Broadbent's captivating new album. It will be available on 27th March and we shall share more about it and their new book of songs next month. [Featured March 2021]









Lester Young Mean To Me



1958, and a video of Lester Young playing the standard Mean To Me in good company (Willie The Lion Smith, Pee Wee Russell, Dickie Thompson ...) in Art Ford's Jazz Party. Pres looks so cool but it is hard not to get up and party to this number. [Featured March 2021]







Yoko Miwa Songs Of Joy trailer



Pianist Yoko Miwa introduces her new album Songs Of Joy on the Ubuntu label. Martin Hummel says of signing Yoko to his label: "It was love at first sight and first sound. Yoko is an exceedingly gifted individual, who effortlessly weaves between a variety of contemporary musical counterparts, while always expressing the music through her own voice." [Featured March 2021]






Emilia Marensson



A lovely version of Cheek To Cheek by Emilia Mårtensson with pianist Matt Robinson - they are planning to release an album in 2022. In the meanwhile, Emilia has an album coming out later this year with the RTV Big Band in Slovenia led by Lojce Krajncan, and she has been developing her Beyond Vocals project of workshops and courses. [Featured March 2021]







Alex Welsh It Don't Mean A Thing



Here is the Alex Welsh band (date not shown) playing It Don't Mean A Thing and featuring Roy Williams (trombone) and John Barnes (saxophone) along with Alex (trumpet), Pete Skivington (bass); Roger Nobes (drums) and Brian Lemon (piano) and ? Jim Douglas (guitar). [Featured March 2021]







Glassworks Willow Tree video




Home is the video from a new EP Willow Tree by Glassworks from Glasgow - Emilie Boyd (Scottish Jazz Award 'Best Vocalist' nominee 2020) and Dan Brown (Royal Conservatoire Jazz Alumni). Their gentle, lyrical music is described as 'poetic storytelling, strong melodies, with an improvisatory flair.' [Featured March 2021]







Julian Costello livestream



In December 2020 Julian Costello's Quartet live-streamed music from the album Connections : Without Borders. Julian says: 'Connections we have to places through music and how music transcends borders. It was recorded in Oslo and features great musicians from different parts of Europe. Music doesn't have boundaries and nor should it. It is inspired by how musicians and music travels like nature.' For this gig the line-up is Julian Costello (saxes); Maciek Pysz (guitars); Dave Jones (bass); Eric Ford (drums). [Featured March 2021]




Shabani Rose video



The band Shabani played this impressive number, Rose, at Sofar Birmingham back in September, 2017 - [Christos Stylianides (trumpet); Daniel Kemshell (guitar); Tom Harris (keys); Shivraj Singh (electric bass); Izzy Shabani (drums)]. [Featured February 2021]






Lithuania Solo Jazz Finals


This video is from Lithuania although the commentary is in English - these were the 'Harlem 2017 Solo Jazz Dance Finals' featuring Kirill Rodionov, Alina Sokulska, Evgeniia Zlatina, Yana Sanamyants and Nejc Zupan - who do you think should have won, and how many tunes played by 'Professor Cunningham and his Old School' can you recognise? [Featured February 2021]






Benet McLean Blue Fingers video



Benet McLean plays his composition Blue Fingers - Benet McLean (violin); Duncan Eagles (tenor sax); Trevor Watkis (keyboard); Rio Kai (bass); Clark Tracey (drums) - reminding us what we are looking forward to hearing again when lock down passes and we start getting back to 'normal'. [Featured February 2021]





Miles Davis Time After Time



Here's Miles Davis with a lovely version of Time After Time from a concert at Münchner Klaviersommer in 1988 - captivating. [Featured February 2021]






London Jazz Club 1950



1950 and this Pathé archive video has Humphrey Lyttelton's band playing for dancers downstairs at Mack's Restaurant at 100 Oxford Street in Oxford Street (The 100 Club). The National Jazz Archive suggests the musicians are: Humphrey Lyttelton (trumpet); Wally Fawkes (clarinet); Ian Christie (clarinet); George Webb (piano); Buddy Vallis (banjo); Micky Ashman (bass); George Hopkinson (drums). "They sure went to town - on ginger pop!" [Featured February 2021]






Solstice Food For Thought trailer


Here is the introductory video for the new album by Solstice, Food For Thought, out on the Ubuntu label on 26th February. It is the follow-up to their excellent 2016 album Alimentation and features Brigitte Beraha (vocals), Tori Freestone (saxes & flute), Jez Franks (guitars), John Turville (piano & keys), Dave Manington (double bass) and George Hart (drums). There is more information on the YouTube page and we shall include the album in Recent Releases when it is available. [Featured February 2021]





John Pope Quintet Plato



The John Pope Quintet plays Plato at Le Lescar jazz club in 2019. The number opens their new album Mixed With Glass released on 29th January 2021. [Featured February 2021]






Tom Ollendorff Etude No 5



This video lasts for just under two minutes, but relish every second as guitarist Tom Ollendorff plays his beautiful Étude No 5..... and you can find more of his Études series on YouTube [Featured January 2021]







Pericopes video




The Italian band Pericopes plays this different and very beautiful interpretation of Mark Knopfler / Dire Strait's Sultans Of Swing. The track appears on their 2020 album Up. [Featured January 2021]







Lara Eidi Hang On



Lara Eidi sings her composition Hang On at Christchurch in London back in December 2019 with Dave Manington (double bass, loops); Naadia Sheriff (piano); Charlotte Keefe (trumpet); and Kate Smith, Natalia Krakoviak, Angelina Tursi and Chiara Zurlo (vocals). [Featured January 2021]






Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight



If you will excuse the pun, there are some archive videos that are gold dust. Here are Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight in Germany in 1987 with some really nice playing as they savour Stardust, Dinah and Milenburg Joys ('Milenburg' can also be spelt 'Milneburg' - click here). The line-up: Harry Gold (bass sax); Al Wynette (trumpet): Roy Crimmins (trombone); Bob Layzel (clarinet, tenor sax); Austin Malcolm (piano); Gerry Ingram (bass) and Stan Daly (drums). [Featured January 2021]






Little North video



The Danish band Little North has a new album out in February - Finding Seagulls. Here is a video of The Kite from the album with Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen (piano); Martin Brunbjerg Rasmussen (bass) and Lasse Jacobsen (drums). [Featured January 2021]






Georgia Mancio That Time Of Year


That Time Of Year: Georgia Mancio and Alan Broadbent have been working on their book of songs and Georgia says: 'Somehow I missed one (tune) that Alan sent to me 3 years ago, describing it as a seasonal song. A global pandemic and all the emotions of missing family and loved ones, unsurprisingly turned out to be the perfect time to write the lyric which I finished a couple of months ago. So here is our Xmas song: no snow, no mistletoe, no Santa and no religion, recorded remotely in our own homes across both sides of the Atlantic.....Stay safe everyone, a huge hug for Xmas and hoping for better days for you all in 2021'. [Featured January 2021]





Rod Mason Runnin Wild




Rod Mason's band featuring Beryl Bryden (vocals and washboard) cut loose with Runnin' Wild in 1978. Runnin' Wild is featured in our Take Two slot this month with two quite different approaches - click here. [Featured January 2021]







Kansas Smittys Judgement video



Here is a fine video of Kansas Smitty's band playing Judgement from their album Things Happened Here released in June. [Featured December 2020]







Nels Cline Singers videoThis video of Beam/Spiral is from a new album by The Nels Cline Singers. Despite the name, there are no vocalists here, but Filipe Freitas at JazzTrail says it rates as one of his albums of the year - "The jazzy guitar chords that introduce the luxuriant “Beam/Spiral” can be misleading in the direction the group will take. A balanced suspension is achieved through electronics, hi-hat routine and thin clouds of synth topped by saxophone. Yet, at some point, that impalpable state of abstraction is pulled into the earth by the power of Trevor Dunn’s bass lines, with everything ending up in an indie rock sphere. The pinnacle of the song occurs by the end, when a distorted guitar layer sustains a delirious conjoint moment headed by an outgoing saxophone and synths." [Featured December 2020]





Smoking Time Jazz Club video



There is something uplifting about street jazz and we hope it won't be long before we see people gathering to enjoy it again. Here is The Smoking Time Jazz Club getting the crowd's feet tapping with Percolatin' Blues. [Featured December 2020]






Red Nichols video



In 1956, Red Nichols appeared on a New Year's Eve broadcast of the Lawrence Welk Show with his Five Pennies - there were actually five for the first and last numbers! - Al Stevenson (piano), Joe Rushton (bass sax), Bill Wood (clarinet), Rollie Culver (drums), King Jackson (trombone), Red Nichols (cornet). Here they are with Louisiana, Fidgety Feet and Maple Leaf Rag. [Featured December 2020]







Ella Hohnen Ford video


Sometimes there are names that seem to keep popping up. One is Ella Hohnen-Ford whose video of Falling with Jonny Mansfield's Elftet we have featured a couple of times now. She sings with a variety of other musicians and is part of the band Treeclimbers, but here she at Kansas Smitty's singing Para Machucar Meu Coração in a tribute to Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto. She is in good company with Alec Harper (tenor sax); David Archer (guitar); Will Sach (double bass) and Will Barry (drums). Alec went across The Pond to work in the USA a while ago but it is really good to see that he is now establishing himself firmly back in the UK - we shall be hearing more from him, I know. [Featured December 2020]




Stan Getz John Coltrane Autumn In New York



Someone titled this video Autumn In New York - perhaps that's when it was recorded? The medley is actually Autumn Leaves, What's New and Moonlight In Vermont, the musicians: John Coltrane - tenor sax (on "What's New"); Stan Getz - tenor sax (on "Moonlight In Vermont"); Wynton Kelly - piano (on "Autumn Leaves"); Paul Chambers - bass, Jimmy Cobb - drums. [Featured December 2020]






Tom Green Septet Kaleidoscope


Here is the Tom Green Septet playing Kaleidoscope from their 2020 album Tipping Point. [Tom Green (trombone & compositions); James Davison (trumpet / flugelhorn); Tommy Andrews (alto / soprano saxophones); Sam Miles (tenor saxophone); Sam James (piano); Misha Mullov-Abbado (double bass); Scott Chapman (drums)], reminding us of just what we are missing and the talent of so many of our musicians. This is probably my favourite track from a very enjoyable album - a memorable theme, nicely constructed arrangement and fine solos from Misha and Tom with Scott driving the tune to its close. [Featured November 2020]




Whistler's Jug Band



I'm not sure whether Jug Bands are still around but here's Whistler's Jug Band playing Foldin' Bed filmed for a Fox Movietone newsreel (date not given). Click here for the lyrics. [Featured November 2020]







Joshua Elcock Big Band The Last Hill



This really enjoyable video from the Joshua Elcock Big Band playing The Last Hill by Dan Brown was recorded and videod in sections and I think works really well. [Featured November 2020]






Anachronic Jazz Band



My thanks to Peter Maguire who suggested that I check out the French Anachronic Jazz Band. Here they are with their version of Around 'Bout Midnight filmed during La grande parade du jazz, Nice, on 16th July 1977. [Parrick Artero (trumpet); Daniel Barda (trombone); Marc Richard (clarinet); André Villeger (tenor sax); Daniel Huck (vocals, clarinet, alto sax); Philippe Baudoin (piano); Gérard Gervois (brass bass); Patrick Diaz (banjo); Bernard Laye (drums)]. [Featured November 2020]






Steve Hamilton Between The Lines




This is the video for Scottish pianist Steve Hamilton's track Ae Fond Kiss from his new album Between The Lines. [Featured November 2020]






Toddler and band




This video, from a post on Classic FM's site, first appeared in 2018, but as the notes say: 'Bravo to this animated young musician. As Beethoven once said, to play a wrong note is insignificant – but to play without passion is inexcusable…'. One year old Boone Anthony had no inhibitions stepping out and joining the Where Ya At Brass Band. (Scroll down the Classic FM page to play the video). [Featured November 2020]






UNT Band Cherokee



Here's a fine swinging version of Ray Noble's arrangement of Cherokee by the University of North Texas One O'Clock Lab Band featuring trumpeter Sean Jones and the alto sax of Howi Dietz. [Featured November 2020]






Rob Barron A Time For Love



Rob Barron plays A Time For Love. The tune is featured in his new Trio album From This Moment On released in October. [Featured October 2020]





Duke Ellington It Don't Mean A Thing



Here is Duke Ellington and his Orchestra in 1943 with It Don't Mean A Thing (If You Ain't Got That Swing). The person who has posted it says: "...The title was based on the oft stated credo of Ellington's former trumpeter Bubber Miley, who was dying of tuberculosis ...." [Featured October 2020]






Benet McLean Just One Of Those Things



I find Benet McLean's playing formidable when he is playing either the piano or the violin. Here he has the violin for Just One Of Those Things in the company of Steve Williamson (tenor sax), Julian Joseph (piano), Dan Casimir (bass) and Clark Tracey (drums). [Featured October 2020]






Ryan Quigley Wave



Award winning Irish trumpeter Ryan Quigley plays a fine version of Antonio Carlos Jobim's Wave backed by a string orchestra recorded a couple of years ago at the Guildhall School Of Music and Drama. [Featured October 2020]






Ottilie Patterson Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean



Ottilie Patterson sings Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean with the Chris Barber Jazz band in 1964. It is easy to see from this what a great singer was and how the band rocked the country at that time paving the way for the Beatles and the Stones. [Featured October 2020]





Linley Hamilton Quintet



Video introduction to the Linley Hamilton Quintet's album For The Record featuring Linley Hamilton (trumpet, flugelhorn); Derek O'Connor (tenor saxophone); Cian Boylan (piano, organ); Mark Egan (bass); Adam Nussbaum (drums) [Featured October 2020]





Here's Ben Pollack and his orchestra from 1934. The first part of this video, Got The Jitters, is perhaps the only part of Ben Pollack Videointerest as 'hot' music. Ben Pollack was an American drummer and bandleader from the mid-1920s through the swing era. His eye for talent led him to employ musicians such as Benny Goodman, Jack Teagarden, Glenn Miller, Jimmy McPartland, and Harry James. In this clip, one commentator tells us: 'Trombone soloist is, indeed, Glenn Miller, vocals by Nappy Lamare, clarinet Matty Matlock, the trumpet on the left is Charlie Spivak, saxes are (left to tight) Gil Rodin, Matty Matlock and Eddie Miller, Ray Bauduc on drums, Claude Thornhill is on piano. Miss Doris Robbins was, at the time, Ben Pollack's love interest, and he pushed her and the commercial sap that makes up the lion's share of this short (video) above everything else, which is why a number of his men became dissatisfied. Lamare, Rodin, Matlock, Miller and Bauduc would soon constitute the nucleus of the Bob Crosby band, Miller would go on to form Ray Noble's band, taking Spivak with him as lead trumpet and Thornhill as pianist.' [Featured October 2020]



SNJO with Kurt Elling video


On 30th September, the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra released this video of Courage: Jeep on 35° with Chicagoan vocalist Kurt Elling. A composition by triple Grammy Award-winning guitarist John Scofield, here it also has vocalese with attitude by Nina Clark. 'Taken from the song cycle Syntopicon, which brings human traits and values including knowledge and wisdom, good and evil, language and joy to musical life, Jeep on 35° was chosen to represent courage, and Elling doesn’t hold back. He inhabits lyrics and melody with huge personality and a masterly range of rich vocal tones and agile phrasing'. [Featured October 2020]





Jazzmeia Horn video



The amazing Jazzmeia Horn became the centre of attention for saxophonist and bandleader Tommy Smith in late July / early August as he edited the Texas-born, New York-based vocalist's performance of her song Free Your Hand with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra at the Usher Hall last year. The result was the orchestra's second video release which was launched with a world exclusive broadcast on Jazz FM and a special arrangement with The Times online. More SNJO videos might follow.   [Featured September 2020]





Don Rendell Ian Carr video



My thanks to David Edmondson for a reminder of Ian Carr and Don Rendell. Here they are at the Antibes Jazz Festival in 1968 playing Pavane with Michael Garrick, Dave Green and Trevor Tomkins. [Featured September 2020]







Michael Olatuja Soki



Bass player, composer and arranger Michael Olatuja released a new album in June Lagos Pepper Soup, which bursts with guest performances. This video of Soki from the album features vocalist Dianne Reeves and guitarist Lionel Loueke. [See this article by Robin Kidson]. [Featured September 2020]






Martin Taylor and Tony Kofi


From the many socially distanced performances videod during the Covid 19 restrictions here are two. The first is by guitarist Martin Taylor and saxophonist Tony Kofi who co-operated to film thieir version of Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?. [Featured September 2020]






Zen Audu Bamijo



The second is by saxophonist Zem Audu. Born in Nigeria, Zem grew up in the UK, graduated from Trinity College of Music in 2008 and was awarded a Yamaha Jazz scholarship. Zem has since moved to America where he has steadily built up his career. In this video, Zem goes outside to play Bamijo, he says: '2020 has been a crazy year so far. These daily music meditations have helped me, may they help you too. Stay creative, stay inspired!' [Featured September 2020]






Bob Crosby and his Orchestra



Here's the Bob Crosby Orchestra from 1938 playing for dancers at the Island Road Casino. Crosby and Kay Webber take the vocals and the video features Don Lawson (trumpet), Eddie Miller (sax), Bob Haggart (bass) and Ray Bauduc (drums). [Featured September 2020]





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