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Jazz As Art

The Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra

Screaming Ab Dabs



When you listen to music, you sometimes conjure images in your mind. Our Jazz As Art series invites you to listen to a piece of jazz and as it plays, scroll down the page and see which of the pieces of art I have chosen comes closest to the pictures in your mind. Hopefully, this will introduce you to recordings and art works you might not have spent time with before.


Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra Weapons Of Mass Distraction


The Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra released their excellent album Weapons Of Mass Distraction in 2017 (click here for our review). The opening track is Screaming Ab Dabs - listen to the track and see which of the eight pictures below you think fit the music.




Robert Helman


Robert Helman Candile painting



Chaim Soutine


Chaim Soutine Landscape painting



Victoria Topping


Victoria Topping Midnight Blues



Bernard Buffet


Bernard Buffet Clowns



Max Ernst


Max Ernst Fireside Angel



David Ridley


David Ridley Jazz trumpet



Jackson Pollock


JacksonPollock painting



African Dance - Artist Unknown


African Dancers


Click here for details of the album Weapons Of Mass Distraction by the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra.


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