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Where You From (You Sexy Thing)?

This month we challenged you identify the towns or countries where the 15 jazz musicians we listed were born. To help, we gave you three choices for each. How did you get on?

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The answers are below ....

Give yourself one extra point if you were able to identify the song title for these lyrics:

Where the sun sets in the sky
And the flowers never die,
And friends don't pass you by
But that's my home

From: That's My Home (Ben Ellison; Otis Rene; Leon Rene)

Click here for a video of Rod Mason's Hot Five playing That's My Home with Rod Mason (cnt, voc), Andy Legett (cl, ss, as),
ohn Mortimer (tb), Sean Moyses (bj, voc), Clive Fenton (sousaph.), Uwe Rössler (p).



Your Score

15 + correct - Home and dry.
11 - 14 correct - Are we there yet?
7 - 10 correct - Show me the way to go home.
4 - 6 correct - Long and winding road.
1 - 3 correct - Lost in space.



Here are the answers


Where were the following born?


Oscar Peterson


1. Oscar Peterson (piano):

Canada,   U.S.A., or   India?

Answer: Canada




Tomasz Stanko


2. Tomasz Stańko (trumpet):

Ukraine, Sweden or Poland.

Answer: Poland



[Click here to listen to the Tomasz Stańko Quintet playing So Nice from the album Dark Eyes].


Django Reinhardt


3. Django Rheinhardt (guitar):

Belgium, France or Holland?

Answer: Belgium



Billy Cobham


4. Billy Cobham (drums):

U.S.A, Haiti or Panama?

Answer: Panama



Pete Fountain


5. Pete Fountain (clarinet):

New Orleans, London or Paris?

Answer: New Orleans



[Click here for a video of Pete Fountain playing My Blue Heaven on the Lawrence Welk Show in 1957].


Jan Garbarek


6. Jan Garberek (saxophones):

Norway, Poland or Czech Republic?

Answer: Norway




Gwilym Simcock


7. Gwilym Simcock (piano)

Wales, England or France?

Answer: Wales




John McLaughlin


8. John McLaughlin (guitar):

Belfast, Doncaster or York?

Answer: Doncaster



[Click here for a video of John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana playing Naima at Montreaux in 2011. It takes a few minutes for the video to focus but that takes nothing away from the music].


Wynton Marsalis


9. Wynton Marsalis (trumpet)

New Orleans,  New York or Turin?

Answer: New Orleans




Tigran Hamasyan


10. Tigran Hamasyan (piano)

America, Turkey or Armenia?

Answer: Armenia




Fela Kuti


11. Fela Kuti (Saxophone, vocals, keyboards, trumpet, guitar, drums)

Nigeria, Libya or Mongolia?

Answer: Nigeria



[Click here for a video of Fela Kuti with V.I.P. in Berlin in 1978]



Gregory Porter

12. Gregory Porter (vocalist)

Canada, Scotland or America?

Answer: America





Courtney Pine



13. Courtney Pine (saxophones, clarinet, flute)

London UK, Kingston Jamaica or Charleston USA?

Answer: London





Iain Ballamy


14. Iain Ballamy (saxophones)

England, Ireland or France?

Answer: England



[Click here for a video of Iain Ballamy playing Skylark with the great Tom Green Septet in 2014].



Count Basie


15. Count Basie

Red Bank, New Jersey; Hamlet, North Carolina or New York City, New York.

Answer: Red Bank, New Jersey





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