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September 2018




Anna Gram

This month we gave you anagrams of the names of fifteen jazz vocalists -
how many could you unravel?

Don't forget to check your score.


Who is this?



The answers are below ....

Give yourself one extra point if you were able to complete the next line of this song :


I'm not much to look at, nothin' to see
Just glad I'm livin' and happy to be
I got a woman, crazy for me
She's funny that way


from 'She's Funny That Way' (Neil Moret / Richard Whiting)



Your Score

15 + correct - You name it : you got it!
11 - 14 correct - It's on the tip of my tongue!
7 - 10 correct - I'll always remember what's'isname.
4 - 6 - I do know it ....... it just escapes me at the moment!
1 - 3 correct - Search me!



Here are the answers


1. Tom Merle

Answer: Mel Torme

[Click here for a video of Mel Torme and Buddy Rich with Love For Sale in 1979]



2. Fidel Gatzerall

Answer: Ella Fitzgerald



Who is this?





3. Pammy Hurrk

Answer: Mark Murphy








4. Carol Rillane

Answer: Liane Carroll




5. Shimmy Juring

Answer: Jimmy Rushing



Who is this?





6. Tiny Ama

Answer: Tina May








7. Leon Lacie

Answer: Cleo Laine



8. King Tellur

Answer: Kurt Elling

[Click here for a video of Kurt Elling singing his version of Earth Wind and Fire's of After The Love Has Gone and Golden Lady]



9. Roger Progtrey

Answer: Gregory Porter



10. Bart Cheek

Answer: Chet Baker



Who is this?




11. Missie Besht

Answer: Bessie Smith








12. Kat Stencey

Answer: Stacey Kent



13. Ann Rossie

Answer: Annie Ross



14. Holly Bidiliea

Answer: Billie Holiday

[Click here for a video of Lady Day singing I Love You Porgy in 1959. She passed away a few months later]



15. Ella Trace

Answer: Clare Teal




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