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September 2017




Fest Quest

This month's quiz was as much about your knowledge of geography as it is about jazz. Jazz Festivals have been in full flow around the world. Were you able to identify the county or country where the fifteen we listed are located?




Don't forget to check your score.


The answers are below ....

Give yourself one extra point if you were able to identify the song title for these lyrics:

Let the drums roll out
Let the trumpet call
While the people shout
"Strike up the band"

From: Strike Up The Band (George and Ira Gershwin)

Click here to listen to the Stan Getz Quartet playing Strike Up The Band - Stan Getz (tenor sax), Horace Silver (piano), Joe Calloway (bass), Walter Bolden (drums)



Your Score

15 + correct - Got your tickets for next year?
11 - 14 correct - Bought the T-Shirt.
7 - 10 correct - Got up too late to catch some of the bands.
4 - 6 correct - Only went for the day.
1 - 3 correct - Where's our tent?



Here are the answers


In which COUNTRY do the following Jazz Festivals take place?:

Montreaux Festival logo



1. The Montreaux Jazz Festival

Answer: Switzerland.





Funchal Festival logo


2. The Funchal Jazz Festival

Answer: Madeira




North Sea Festival logo



3. The North Sea Jazz Festival

Answer: The Netherlands





St Germain des Pres Festival



4. The Saint Germain des Prés Jazz Festival

Answer: France




[Click here for a video of Kyle Eastwood's band playing Big Noise From Winnetka at the festival in 2011]




Copenhagen Festival logo



5. The Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Answer: Denmark




Jazz A Juan Festival logo



6. Jazz à Juan in Juan les Pins

Answer: France



[Click here to listen to Buddy Guy playing at the Festival in 2017]



Newport Festival logo



7. The Newport Jazz Festival

Answer: U.S.A.




Jazz on the Odra Festival logo



8. The Jazz On The Odra Festival

Answer: Poland





In which U.K. COUNTY do the following Jazz Festivals take place?:



Keswick Festival logo


9. The Keswick Jazz Festival

Answer: Cumbria




Upton Festival logo


10. The Upton Jazz Festival

Answer: Worcestershire





Marsden Festival logo



11. The Marsden Jazz Festival

Answer: Yorkshire




Love Supreme Festival



12. The Love Supreme Jazz Festival

Answer: Sussex





Edinburgh Festival logo



13. The Edinburgh Jazz Festival (which Region of Scotland?)

Answer: Lothian




Brecon Festival logo



14. The Brecon Jazz Festival

Answer: Powys



[Click here for a video of Gerry Mulligan playing at the Brecon Jazz Festival in 1991]


Derry Festival logo



15. The City of Derry Jazz Festival

Answer: Londonderry



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