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Just Give Me The Word

This month we gave a selection of words and phrases taken from the lyrics of fifteen jazz standards and asked you to identify the songs. How many could you name?


Alexanders Ragtime Band


Don't forget to check your score.


The answers are below ....

Give yourself one extra point if you were able to identify the song from which these lyrics are taken :

You're much too much, and just too "very, very"
To ever be in Webster's Dictionary.
And so I'm borrowing a love song from the birds
To tell you that you're marvelous - too marvelous for words.

from 'Too Marvelous For Words'

(Johnny Mercer / Richard Whiting)



Your Score

15 + correct - My Word! You're good!
11 - 14 correct - 'pon my word!
7 - 10 correct - There's a word for that!
4 - 6 correct - Words fail me!
1 - 3 correct - Lost for words.



Here are the answers



1. : roaring traffic's boom : lonely room : hungry yearning : torment won't be through :

Answer: Night And Day

2. : come on : bugle call : honey lamb : Swanee River :  

Answer: Alexander’s Ragtime Band


3. : world treating you : lovely as ever : I’m boring you : pardon my asking :

Answer: What’s New


4. : sweet and lovely lady : misunderstood : alone in this big city : babe in the wood :

Answer: Lady Be Good


Gregory Porter Water video



5. : anything to say to me : mist : valley green : crazy as a loon :

Answer: Skylark

[Click on the picture to listen to Gregory Porter's version of the song]





6. : leftover dreams : told me about : laughed at the thought :

Answer: Here’s That Rainy Day


7. : golf : rains : measles and the mumps : telegraphed and phoned and sent an air mail special too :

Answer: Everything Happens To Me


8. : from a jail came the wail : pushed it through a horn : nursed it :

Answer: Birth Of The Blues



Andrea Pozza and Scott Hamilton video


9. : bugs empty their light : don't make a sound: it's so dark even Fido, he's afraid to bark :

Answer: No Moon At All

[Click on the picture for a video of Scott Hamilton and Andrea Pozza playing No Moon At All]



10. : the seven wonders of the world : married men would have to take their beds and walk :

Answer: Beale Street Blues

11. : half love never appealed to me : there is no in between : don't smile or I'll be lost beyond recall :

Answer: All Or Nothing At All



Kenny Barron Trio video


12. : someone said as we shook hands : you're a girl who understands : all at once, I owned the earth and sky :

Answer: Have You Met Miss Jones

[Click on the picture for a video of the Kenny Barron Trio playing Have You Met Miss Jones]



13. : stretched out on a long white table : high top Stetson hat ; twenty dollar gold piece :

Answer: St James Infirmary



14. : I walk the floor and watch the door : how slow the moments go when all I do is pour :

Answer: Black Coffee


15. : I never knew the charm of spring : holiday tables under the trees ; what have you done to my heart ;

Answer: April In Paris



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