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November 2017




Place The Face

This month's quiz returned to 'Place The Face', a quiz people seem to have enjoyed at the beginning of the year. This time we featured fifteen more faces - all you had to do is identify them. How did you get on?


Face question mark


Don't forget to check your score.


The answers are below ....

Give yourself one extra point if you were able to identify the song title for these lyrics:

I see your face before me
Crowding my every dream

There is your face before me
You are my only theme
It doesn't matter where you are
I can see how fair you are
I close my eyes and there you are

(I See Your Face Before Me - Johnny Hartman)



Your Score

15 + correct - Here's looking at you, kid.
11 - 14 correct - I Remember You.
7 - 10 correct - I'll always remember what's'is name.
4 - 6 correct - Face up to it.
1 - 3 correct - About face.



Here are the answers


1. Sidney Bechet

[Click here for a video of Sidney Bechet in 1952 an excerpt from La Route Du Bonheur]


Who's this?



2. Stan Tracey

Who's this?




3. Stacey Kent

Who's this?




4. Zoe Rahman

Who's this?




5. Arun Ghosh

[Click here for a video of Arun Ghosh playing Where Shall I Live Now at The Vortex Club in London]


Who's this?





6. Kenny Ball

Who's this?












7. Big Bill Broonzy

Who's this?















8. Joe 'King' Oliver

Who's this?














9. George Melly

Who's this?


















10.Courtney Pine

[Click here for a video of Courtney Pine with Zoe Rahman playing Lullaby in 2016]

Who's this?













11. Ben Webster

Who's this?












12. Bobby Wellins

Who's this?












13. Omar Puente

[Click here for a video of J-Sonics with Omar Puente playing Berimbau at Canary Wharf in 2016]

Who's this?













14. Dave Holland

Who's this?













15. Buddy Rich

Who's this?






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