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Jazz As Art


When you listen to music, you sometimes conjure images in your mind. Our Jazz As Art series invites you to listen to a piece of jazz and as it plays, scroll down the page and see which of the pieces of art I have chosen comes closest to the pictures in your mind. Hopefully, this will introduce you to recordings and art works you might not have spent time with before.

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The People Could Fly book



Camilla George - The People Could Fly. The album is named after a book of African folk tales that portrays the lives and experiences of African slaves who created stories in which animals have assumed the personalities of slaves and slave owners. "The People Could Fly was my favourite story in this collection of tales," says Camilla. "The cover illustration showed men and women flying over the cotton fields. The idea behind it is that some Africans were magical and had the ability to fly but through long enslavement, lost the ability to fly away. This image is bittersweet for me as it is a fantasy tale of suffering and is a powerful testament to the millions of slaves who never had the ability to fly away". The title track is played with pictures by Shai Yossef, Costanza Knight, Sarah Levy, Anil Lakhera, Chris Spies, Leonid Afremov, Shelli Walters, Max Beckmann, Wilfredo Lam, Ana-Lesac, Pamela Earleywine, Leo and Diane Dillon.







Kansas Smittys House Band


Kansas Smitty's House Band - Barbecue Blues - Cerys Matthews has said: ‘They dance to a beat of their own drum. Totally unpredictable’ - the band based at Kansas Smitty's in Broadway Market, London, E8 plays Barbecue Blues with pictures by Eleatta Diver, LeRoy Neiman, Jan Steen, Belinda Fireman, Jürgen Born, Peter Gumaer, Pol Ledent, Victoria Topping, Shaun McDowell, Matthew Snyder, Connie Chadwell and Terry Einer.






Leslie Pintchik You Eat My Food album


Leslie Pintchik - You Eat My Food, You Drink My Wine, You Steal My Girl - the title track from the pianist's 2018 album. With pictures by Sir Nathaniel Bacon, Enrico Baj, Walter Quirt, Julian Trevelyan, Malangatana Valente Ngwenya, Roy Lichtenstein, August Sander, Debra Hurd, John Collier, Kristin Elmquist, Max Ernst and Julie Borden.







Red Nichols




Red Nichols - Feelin' No Pain with pictures by Claude Clark, Theodoor Romouts, Patrick Waldemar, William Beard, Mark Manson, Charles Bunbury, Aleksander Zyw, L S Lowry, Kazemir Malevich and Sarah Jenkins.









Nick Costley-White Detour Ahead album



Nick Costley-White Quartet - Thinky Pain from the album Detour Ahead. With pictures by TR Way, Norman Adams, James McNeill Whistler, Paul Klee, Asger Jorn, Thomas Benjamin Kennington, Leonid Afremov, TuroRudolph, Pablo Picasso, John Chamberlain and John Wolseley.







Mark Kavuma album




Mark Kavuma - Church from the album Kavuma. With pictures by Alfred Gockel, Archibald Motley, Debra Hurd, Jackson Pollock, Mike Daneshi, Shari Kreller, Anna Fitzgerald, Georges Braque, Valerie Catoire and Roy Lichtenstein.







Henry Spencer The Reasons Don't Change



Henry Spencer and Juncture - Hopeless Heartless from the album The Reasons Don't Change. With pictures by Myles Birket Foster, Sam Francis, Pablo Picasso, Arthur Rackham, Eduard von Gebhardt, John Henry Yeend King, Alfred Parsons, Frank Bramley and Victor Bauer.







Big Bad Wolf Pond Life




Big Bad Wolf - Quiet Coach from the album Pond Life. With pictures by Camille Pissaro, Friedrich Bercht, Ronnie Landfield, John Constable, Robert Motherwell, David Hockney and Jacob Lawrence.







Coleman Hawkins



One Hour (If I Could Be With You) by The Mound City Blue Blowers with pictures by Paula Rego, Leonid Afremov, Gustav Klimt, Franz Marc, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Georges Braque, Vincent Van Gogh and John William Waterhouse.







Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra Weapons Of Mass Distraction




The Screaming Ab Dabs from the album Weapons Of Mass Distraction by the Andrew Linham Jazz Orchestra with pictures by Robert Helman, Chaim Soutine, Victoria Topping, Bernard Buffet, Max Ernst, David Ridley, Jackson Pollock and an Unknown Artist.






Rob Luft Riser



The title tune from guitarist Rob Luft's album Riser with pictures by Michelle Shromberg, Anselm Kiefer, Georges Seurat, Aubrey Beardsley, Henri Rousseau, Egon Schiele, Leonid Afremov and Swarez.







Sonny Rollins Worktime



Sonny Rollins - There's No Business Like Show Business from the album Worktime. With pictures by Bernard Buffet, Natasha Sazonova, Jackson Pollock, Victoria Topping, Juan Félix Campos, Florine Stettheimer, Wassily Kandinsky, Pieter Bruegel The Elder, Darryl Daniels and Janine Wesselmann.






Mark Lewandowski Waller



Mark Lewandowski - Lulu's Back In Town from the album Waller. With pictures by Auguste Renoir, Victoria Topping, Toulouse Lautrec, David Annesley, Evgeni Hristov and Maria Olmstead.






Sam Braysher Golden Earrings




Sam Braysher and Michael Kanan play The Scene Is Clean from their album Golden Earrings with pictures by Gerhardt Richter, Georgia O'Keefe, Edgar Degas, Ernst Kirchner, C O Murray, Georges Stein and Niki De Saint Phalle.







Matt Ridley Metta



The Matt Ridley Quartet play Ebb and Flow from their album Metta with pictures by Franz Marc, Li Keran, Edgar Degas, Perle Fine and Michael Kenna.







Dinosaur Together As One



Dinosaur play Robin from their album Together, As One with pictures by Joan Miro, L S Lowry, John Singer Sargent, Jackson Pollock and Pieter Bruegel the Younger.








Raphael Wilkinson and Hodgkins Live At Pizza express



Lenore Raphael, Wayne Wilkinson and Chris Hodgkins - Alone Together from the album at Pizza Express Live. With pictures by Caroline Vis, Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Rory McEwen, Zsuzsi Roboz, Luc Tuymans, Victoria Topping, Mario Dubsky, Inka Essenshigh and Edward John Gregory.







Bill Evans I Loves You Porgy



Bill Evans plays I Loves You Porgy from the Gershwin's Porgy And Bess with pictures by Claude Monet, Paul Gaugin, Camille Pissaro, Vincent Van Gogh and Kasimir Malevich.







Nicolas Meier Orient



Nicolas Meier - Season from the album Orient. With pictures by Salvador Dali, Georgia O'Keefe, Gustav Klimt, Piet Mondrian and Jusepe De Ribera,







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