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Red Nichols and his Five Pennies


It's the end of the 1920s and here are Red Nichols and his 'Five' Pennies playing a set that includes Ida, Whispering, Nobody’s Sweetheart Now, Who Cares and China Boy all within around 7 minutes. It is a classic video that gives us a taste of how the music was presented at the time as well as our being able to see Red Nichols, Eddie Condon (who also takes the vocals) and Pee Wee Russell in action alongside trombonist Herb Taylor, pianist Irving Brodsky, drummer George Beebe, and trumpeters Tommy Thune and John Egan added on Whispering. (Featured December 2019)






Calum Gourlay Quartet video


The Calum Gourlay Quartet (Calum Gourlay: bass; Helena Kay : saxophone; Keiran McLeod : trombone; James Maddren : drums) play Blue Fugates a number you will find on their album New Ears released in December 2019 on the Ubuntu Music label. (Featured December 2019)







New York All Stars Incazzato



The New York All-Stars featuring Eric Alexander, Seamus Blake and Mike LeDonne playing Incazzato from the Live Encounter album released in October 2019 on Ubuntu Music. The set was recorded live in London. (Featured December 2019)







Nick Costley White Just One Of Those Things



Guitarist Nick Costley-White plays It Was Just One Of Those Things with Matt Robinson (piano); Conor Chaplin (Bass) and Dave Hamblett (drums). (Featured December 2019)






Art Farmer Petite Belle



The Art Farmer - Jim Hall Quartet (with bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Pete La Roca) play Petite Belle in a BBC television show from 1964. Art Farmer is on flugelhorn here and there are other videos from this set on YouTube that are worth playing. Art Farmer and Jim Hall also made a record, Interaction, in 1963 but with drummer Walter Perkins. The album is still available - click here. (Featured December 2019)







Kit Downes Dreamlife of Debris


Introductory video to pianist / organist Kit Downes' new album Dreamlife Of Debris in which he invites previous collaborators Tom Challenger, Lucy Railton and Seb Rochford plus Norwegian guitarist Stian Westerhus to explore a situation 'where the musicians arrived to variously interact with Downes'. The instrumentalists meet, as Kit puts it ,"in a space with no singular character", with a dream-like ambience being created through overdubs and collage. Although the players do not come together as an ensemble, their appearance as individuals in changing constellations influences the direction of the shape-shifting music.' (Featured December 2019)






Bing Crosby Rhythm On The River



Trumpeter Wingy Manone and his band join Bing Crosby in a number from the 1940 film Rhythm On The River. In the early 1920s Bing also played drums and here he picks up the sticks again. 'Wingy' lost his right arm in a car accident when he was ten. As we can see here, he used a prosthesis so that his disability was not apparent to the public. (Featured December 2019)






Louis Armstrong with the New York Philarmonic


In this historic video from 1956, Louis Armstrong, Trummy Young and Edmond Hall front the New York Philarmonic Orchestra under Leonard Bernstein to play St Louis Blues. In the audience is the composer W.C. Handy, 83 years old and blind but clearly loving the performance, particularly at the end when Ed, Trummy and Louis play swinging solos. (Featured November 2019)







Lara Eidi The Turn Of The Wind



Vocalist Lara Eidi is working on a new album Transition, a fusion of jazz and celtic music. In this video, Lara sings her song The Turn Of The Wind that will appear on the album. She is accompanied by Naadia Sheriff (piano, backing vocals): Dave Manington (double bass) and Dolan Jones (violin). (Featured November 2019)






Gabriel Grossi Samba For Toots


Brazilian harmonica player Gabriel Grossi has a new album out with his Quintet. In this video from 2018 they play one of the tracks on the album Samba Pro Toots (A Samba For Toots) a tribute to harmonicist Toots Thielmans. (Featured November 2019)







Interchange Donna's Secret video



Issie Barrett's Interchange launched their new album, Donna's Secret, in October. Here's a video introduction to the album. (Featured November 2019)








Benet McLean Homage to John Coltrane



Pianist, violinist and bandleader Benet McLean takes to the piano with 26-2 - a stride piano homage to John Coltrane. (Featured November 2019)







Marvin Gaye What's Going On video


This video of Marvin Gaye's What's Going On was compiled by Savanah Leaf who says: "The point is that this is a historic song for an important moment in history, and what’s beautiful is that it’s message is timeless and universal. It’s about human emotions, human relationships, and a coming together. My hope is that our music video will remind people to continue asking the question Marvin Gaye asked in 1971.” There are more details with the video. (Featured November 2019)






Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington Sweet Georgia Brown



Here's Ella Fitzgerald is swinging Sweet Georgia Brown in 1966 at Duke's Place with the Duke Ellington Orchestra. 'It's been said that she knocks 'em dead when she lands in town'. (Featured November 2019)







Buddys Habits video


Here is a foot-tapping video from 1995 of the French band Certain L'aiment Chaud (Some Like It Hot) playing Buddy's Habits. A Paris-based all-female group specializing in the sounds of early jazz, they play the jazz from the twenties including the music of King Oliver, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet and Clarence Williams. The band was formed in 1985 by Kiki Desplat (cornet) and their members are Sylvette Claudet (clarinet), Agnes Loustau (piano), Nathalie Renault (banjo) and Claude Jeantet (sousaphone). The band won le Prix Sidney Bechet de l'Académie du Jazz in 1992. Joined by Paul Strandberg, now Kiki's husband, they play Arnett Nelson and Charlie Straight's Buddy's Habit(s) with a nice solo from Kiki. (Featured October 2019).





Blue Note Beyond The Notes trailerThe DVD of this documentary about Blue Note Records was released in September. 'The present provides a point of departure from which the film recovers the past. Legendary artists Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter come together with today’s generation of groundbreaking Blue Note artists such as Robert Glasper and Ambrose Akinmusire to record an All-Stars album. These reflections lead us back to the highly influential figures of the past on which the legacy of Blue Note is built: Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell, John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Horace Silver and Miles Davis. Rare archival interviews and conversations with Blue Note musicians provide an intimate look into the creation and philosophy behind some of the most seminal tracks in jazz history.' There are other extracts / trailers available on YouTube, this one is a little longer. (Featured October 2019).




Chet Baker Love Vibrations


This video of Chet Baker from 1976 sees him in Rome in the company of flutist Jacques Pelzer, Amedeo Tommasi, Giovanni Tommaso and Bruno Biriaco playing Horace Silver's Love Vibrations. As the JazzOnTheTube site says: 'After a very rough period (1967-73) in which it looked as if Chet Baker was finished in music, the trumpeter made an unlikely but very successful comeback. While his personal life would always be messy, Baker did some of his finest trumpet playing during his final dozen years.' The video proves the point. (Featured October 2019).






Fabled For Richer For Poorer


For Richer, For Poorer is of a tune by Sam Rapley from Fabled's debut album, Short Stories. The band - Sam Rapley (saxophone); Alex Munk (guitar); Matt Robinson (piano); Conor Chaplin (double bass) and Will Glaser (drums) - is on tour in November and December in Leeds, Manchester, Edinburgh and Sheffield (click here for dates). (Featured October 2019).





Chris Barber Sweet Georgia Brown



As Chris Barber goes into retirement it seems only right to include a video here. This one of Sweet Georgia Brown is a little unusual. Recorded in the Netherlands in 1997 it is a feature for Chris. The rest of the band are: John Crocker (clarinet); Pat Halcox (trumpet, vocals); Vic Pitt (upright bass); Paul Sealey (guitar, banjo); John Slaughter (guitar); Alan 'Stickey' Wickett (drums) and Ian Wheeler (clarinet, saxophone, harmonica). (Featured October 2019).






Gorodi Braysher Straight Life



The Miguel Gorodi / Sam Braysher Quartet plays Art Pepper's Straight Life, based as Sam Braysher points out, based on the chord sequence of the old standard After You've Gone. Miguel Gorodi (trumpet); Sam Braysher (alto saxophone); Calum Gourlay (bass); David Ingamells (drums). (Featured October 2019).





Earl Hines 1975 documentary video


This 1975 documentary about pianist Earl 'Fatha' Hines runs for about 52 minutes. The film was made at the Blues Alley nightclub in Washington DC for Britain's ITV television channel. The International Herald Tribune called it "The greatest jazz film ever made". In the film, Hines said, "The way I like to play is that ... I'm an explorer, if I might use that expression, I'm looking for something all the time ... almost like I'm trying to talk." (Featured September 2019)






Paul Booth Seattle Fall


Saxophonist Paul Booth plays Seattle Fall from his new album Travel Sketches released on the Ubuntu Music label on 30th August. Paul's Quartet, recorded here at the Blue Lamp in Aberdeen, has Steve Hamilton (piano); Sam Lasserson (bass) Andrew Bain (drums) and Paul Booth (tenor sax). (Featured September 2019)






Gene Krupa video



This video about drummer Gene Krupa includes an interview with Gene looking back over his career and shares snatches of his playing and clips from the film Drummer Man where Sal Mineo played Krupa. (Featured September 2019)






Rebecca Nash Tumbleweed



Keyboards player Rebecca Nash and the band Atlas - Nicholas Malcolm (trumpet); Tom Seminar Ford (guitar); Rebecca Nash (keys); Chris Mapp (bass) and Matt Fisher (drums) - play Tumbleweed live from their album Peaceful King released in August on the Whirlwind Recordings label. (Featured September 2019)






Jumpin With Symphony Sid video


In this rare video, DJ Symphony Sid introduces an all star band including Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins playing the tune dedicated to Sid Torin Jumpin With Symphony Sid. The all-stars? Charlie Shavers (trumpet); J C Higginbotham (trombone); Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young (tenor sax); Pee Wee Russell (clarinet); Harry Sheppard (vibraphone); Willie "The Lion" Smith (piano); Dickie Thompson (guitar); Vinnie Burke (acoustic double bass); Sonny Greer (drums). (Featured September 2019)






Claire Martin Goin Out Of My Head



Claire Martin sings and guitarist Jim Mullen plays in this live version of Goin' Out Of My Head from their full-length album "Bumpin’ - Celebrating Wes Montgomery" released on Stunt Records earlier this year. (Featured September 2019)





Jonny Mansfield Elftet Falling


Jonny Mansfield's Elftet play Falling from their new album with the voice of Ella Hohnen-Ford. Jonny has written the music and many will recognise the lyrics under the title Golden Slumbers. "Golden Slumbers" is based on the poem "Cradle Song", a lullaby by the dramatist Thomas Dekker and also featured on the Beatles' album Abbey Road. The Elftet album was released on 21st June. (Featured August 2019)






Nicholas Brothers Lucky Numbers



Two very young Nicholas Brothers in 1936 singing and dancing to Lucky Numbers. (Featured August 2019)






Soren Babe Trio Homeward video



The Søren Bebe Trio play Homeward from their recent album Echoes. (Featured August 2019)






Ella Fitzgerald Trio Canta



This European television show from the mid-1960s features Ella Fitzgerald with her trio and Joe Williams Blues. The picture quality is poor but the video serves as a reminder of just why Ella was so good. (Featured August 2019)







Kevin Hays and Lionel Loueke video



Pianist Kevin Hayes and guitarist Lionel Loueke play at Jazz Dock in Prague in 2018. Their new album Hope is released on the Edition label on 30th August. (Featured August 2019)






Lambert Hendricks Ross video



Jon Hendricks, Dave Lambert, Annie Ross sing Four accompanied by the Les McCann Trio in 1961. A new reissue on 2 CDs of 4 of their albums was released on the Avid label in June. (Featured August 2019)







Billy Prim Waves Of Emotion


Billy Prim is a Greek drummer now based in Hungary. His album Thalassa will be released on 16 September 2019 and we shall iclude details when they are available. In the meanwhile, here is a video of a live performance of the band playing Waves Of Emotion. (Featured August 2019)






Jacob Collier Moon River



Jacob Collier continues to win awards for his music and creativity and his latest video - his version of ‘Moon River’ – is brimming over with both. Just scroll down the page on YouTube and see who has contributed to it! (Featured July 2019)






Spirit Fingers Inside


The LA band Spirit Fingers is in London in July as part of a 'whistle-stop' tour (Hadrien Feraud, bass; Dario Chiazzolino, guitar; Mike Mitchell, drums; and Greg Spero, piano/composer). Check out this video of them playing Inside live - one of the numbers on their album Being. Click here for London dates. (Featured July 2019)






Cab Calloway Some Of These Days


I can't help but wonder whether this video of the 'Hi-De-Ho Man', Cab Calloway, playing Some Of These Days in 1937 has been speeded up? The trombone seems at the right speed but everything else - well, I'm not sure........ (Featured July 2019)






1930s Harlem


....... and in this British Pathé video of Harlem in the 1930s, we are told that the speed has been corrected, which again makes me wonder about the Cab Calloway footage. This video has some valuable scenes of Duke Ellington and the Cotton Club that beautifully capture the time and place. (Featured July 2019)







Tini Thomsen Max Sax



Here is an introduction to baritone saxophonist Tini Thomsen's band MaxSax - a compilation from their set at Jazzfest in Viersen. Tini drops by this month for a Tea Break to talk about her music - click here. (Featured July 2019)






Alex Hitchcock Quintet Context


The Alex Hitchcock Quintet plays Context at the Pizza express Jazz Club in May 2018 [Alex Hitchcock (tenor saxophone); James Copus (trumpet, flugelhorn); Will Barry (piano, fender rhodes); Joe Downard (bass); Jay Davis (drums)]. Context was from their album Live At The London And Cambridge Jazz Festivals. Now they have a new album out, All Good Things. (Featured July 2019)





Hackney Colliery Band video


East London's Hackney Colliery Band plays Netsanet to a packed venue at Scala in London. They have a new album out Collaborations: Volume 1. (Featured July 2019)







Blazing Flame Quintet Brutus and Caesar

Blazing Flame Quintet / 6 play Brutus and Caesar recorded at The Factory, Bristol. A studio version of this music is available on their album Wrecked Chateau. Steve Day (voice, words); Peter Evans (electric violin); Mark Langford (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet);David Mowat (trumpet, flugelhorn); Julian Dale (double bass, voice) and Marco Anderson (drums). Steve Day says: 'Twitchy, pointed, it grabs the attention from the start.  Gradually the band put in all kinds of quirky in-fills enhancing this tale of jealousy and betrayal.  Its roots are in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and the performance is all cut and thrust.  Both violin and trumpet are as much storytellers as the voice – the saxophone and chorus brooding and descriptive.   Someone recently told the band that Brutus And Caesar was like listening to Velvet Underground playing for pleasure.  “We’re okay with that, it’s possible to see in the dark.” (Featured July 2019)




pete Oxley Nicolas meier Autumn Enters video


Guitarists Pete Oxley and Nicolas Meier play Autumn Enters with Raph Mizraki (basses) and Paul Cavaciuti (drums & percussions). This is a live performance of a tune from their latest album The Alluring Ascent released in March 2019 on MGP Records. (Featured June 2019).






Louis Armstrong Ole Miss video


Louis Armstrong plays Ole Miss in 1971 with Tyree Glenn (trombone), Joe Muranyi (clarinet), Marty Napoleon (Piano), Milt Hinton (bass) and Papa Jo Jones (drums). In February 1971, just five months before his death, he appeared on the Dick Cavett Show, playing an instrumental version of Ole Miss. In 1968, Louis had been forced to stop playing trumpet and cut back drastically on his touring due to health problems and by 1970, he was just performing as a singer. Later in 1970 he began to play trumpet in public again and we can still hear the incomporable Louis Armstrong style. (Featured June 2019).





Jacob Collier Dont Stop Till You Get Enough video



In April, at the 2019 Jazz FM Awards, multi-instrumentalist 23 year old Jacob Collier received the prestigious PRS for Music Gold Award and played an outstanding set for the audience. This video has Jacob in New York playing Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough on a Yamaha DC7X ENPRO Disklavier Piano. (Featured June 2019).






Tom Syson At Peace video


Trumpeter Tom Syson plays At Peace from his new album Different Coloured Days featuring Tom Barford (saxophone); David Ferris (piano); Pete Hutchison (double bass); Jonathan Silk (drums). (Featured June 2019).







Hellzapoppin clip


A clip from the 1941 film Hellzapoppin featuring Norma Miller with Whitey's Lindy Hoppers. Norma, the last surving member of the dance group sadly passed away in May. (Featured June 2019).








Benet McLean Buffalo Rag video


Benet McLean is a remarkable pianist as well as always knocking my socks off when he plays violin. Here he plays Buffalo Rag, a solo piano introduction based on the chords of 'Limehouse Blues' with Ashley Kerr (bass), Mark Mondesir (drums) and an appreciative audience watching on. (Featured June 2019).







Emilia martensson Be Still Grow video



Emilia Mårtensson sings Be Still - Grow with Luca Boscagin (guitar) - the recording is due out on the Babel label in September. (Featured June 2019).






Martin Freeman at Jazz FM


In this video, actor Martin Freeman talks to JazzFM about buying albums from record stores. Together with founder of Acid Jazz Records, Eddie Piller, Martin has compiled a second album following the success of their 2018 ‘Jazz on the Corner’ release that featured the likes of Art Blakey and Lee Morgan. The new album, called ‘Soul on the Corner’, features music from the likes of Bobby Womack, Willie Hutch, Georgie Fame and Betty Wright as well as contemporary signings like Tommy McGee and Laville.The CD and vinyl release will be out on May 3rd. (Featured May 2019)





Shez Raja Epiphany video



Captivating animated video of the track Epiphany from bass guitarist Shez Raja's new album Journey To Shambhala released on 1st June. The album is launched on 18th May at Jazz Cafe, London - click here for details of live dates). (Featured May 2019)





Stephane Grappelli It Had To Be You



Stéphane Grappelli plays It Had To Be You at The Grand Opera House, Belfast in April 1986 with Martin Taylor and Louis Stewart on guitars and Jack Sewing on double bass. (Featured May 2019)






Branford Marsalis Cianna


The Branford Marsalis Quartet plays a live version of Cianna from the album The Secret Between the Shadow and the Soul released on 1st March 2019. The Quartet is Branford Marsalis (saxophone), Joey Calderazzo (piano), Eric Revis (bass) and Justin Faulkner (drums). (Featured May 2019)






Jimmy Dorsey Beebe



Jimmy Dorsey plays fast saxophone on Beebe in 1940. The tune was also known as Fingerbustin - for obvious reasons. I always pronounced the tune 'Beeb' but the voice over reckons it is pronounced 'Beebee'? (Featured May 2019)





Sonny Rollins Bobo Stenson video



The Sonny Rollins Quartet plays at the Kongsberg Jazz Festival in Norway in 1971. This is essentially Sonny Rollins with the Bobo Stenson Trio (Bobo Stenson, piano; Arild Andersen, bass , and Jon Christensen, drums). Bobo Stenson's Trio's 1997 album War Orphans has been re-released this year by ECM records. (Featured May 2019)



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