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September 2020




Rodgers and Hart

The songs of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart have always provided a source of rich material for jazz musicians. We know their songs like the back of our hands - or do we? This month we gave you some lines from fifteen Rodgers and Hart songs - could you identify the songs? How did you get on?


Rodgers and Hart


The quiz answers are below ....

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Give yourself an extra point if you were able to solve this anagram of a show for which Rodgers and Hart wrote the music:





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15 + correct - Red Hot Chilli Pepper
12 - 14 correct - Hot Potato
8 - 11 correct - Slumgullion
4 - 7 correct - Warm Beer
1 - 3 correct - Dinner's In The Dog




Which Rodgers and Hart songs do these lines come from?


Here are the answers


1. Some things that happen for the first time, seem to be happening again

Answer: Where Or When


2. Hate California it's cold and it's damp

Answer: The Lady Is A Tramp



Pal Joey poster


3. My heart does not stand still just hear it beat

Answer: This Can't Be Love


4. I'll sing to him, each spring to him

Answer: Bewitched

[Click here for a video of the amazing pianist Joanne Brackeen playing Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered]





5. And all at once I lost my breath and all at once was scared to death

Answer: Have You Met Miss Jones


6. Cats and dogs stopped yapping, lions in the zoo all were jealous of Johnny's big trill

Answer: Johnny One Note

[Click here to listen to te Tubby Hayes Quintet playing Johnny One Note recorded live at Ronnie Scott's Club in 1962]



7. I could write a preface on how we met

Answer: I Could Write A Book



Babes In Arms poster



8. Once you told me I was mistaken, that I'd awaken with the sun, and order orange juice for one

Answer: It Never Entered My Mind



9. I was unwise with eyes unable to see

Answer: Falling In Love With Love







10. Song-birds are not dumb, they don't buy a crumb of bread

Answer: Sing For Your Supper


11. The broken dates, the endless waits

Answer: I Wish I Were In Love Again

[Click here for a video of Bobby Darin singing I Wish I Were In Love Again]



12. But don't change a hair for me, not if you care for me

Answer: My Funny Valentine



Higher and Higher poster



13. You speak and it's the sweetest music I have ever heard, you taught me how to live again the day you taught me that single word

Answer: Simpatica



14. Looking through the window you can see a distant steeple

Answer: There's A Small Hotel





15. Nobody writes his songs to me, no-one belongs to me

Answer: Nobody's Heart

[Click here for a video of Sarah Moule and Simon Wallace with Nobody's Heart from 2018 then follow it by listening to the Art Farmer Quartet version - click here - wish I had the technology to merge them!]



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