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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for July

Motion Notions

The theme of this month's quiz was motion - we have chosen lines from fifteen jazz standards to do with travelling and movement and challenge you to identify the titles of the songs:


Walking Boots


Give yourself an extra point if you are able to identify the film in which these song lyrics appeared:

I'm gonna send a wire
Hoppin' on a flyer
Leavin' today
Am I dreamin'?
I can hear her screamin'
Hiya Mr.Jackson, everything's
Oh, what a gal, a real pipperoo

A link to the answers is at the bottom of the page - don't forget to check your score.



Name the song from which these lyrics are taken:


1. Hurry, get on, now it's coming
Listen to those rails a-thrumming all aboard



Broken gate


2. Just turn me loose
Let me straddle my old saddle
Underneath the Western skies
On my Cayuse
Let me wander over yonder
Till I see the mountains rise





3. Wake up, slow down
Before you crash and break your heart
Gullible clown, you fool
You're headed in the wrong direction


4. I've tried to forget you
But found I was wrong;
'Neath your bright southern moon
Once more I'll croon
An old familiar tune.


5. I don't want your Dixie,
You can keep your Dixie,
There's no one down in Dixie who can take me
'Way from my hot Harlem,


6. Dinner in the diner, nothing could be finer
Than to have your ham 'n' eggs in Carolina




Leaving town



7. The thrill when we meet is so bittersweet
That darling, it's getting me down
So on your mark get set






8. Out on the briny with the moon big and shiny
Melting your heart of stone


9. The decks are trimmed with gold,
And of jam and spice there's a paradise in the hold.


10. Let's take a boat to Bermuda
Let's take a plane to Saint Paul
Let's grab a kayak to Quincy or Nyack







11. Look up, look up and greet your maker,
For Gabriel blows his horn.








12. Well if you ever plan to motor west
Just take my way that's the highway that's the best


13. You remember that rainy evenin'
I threw you out....with nothin' but a fine tooth comb
Ya, I know I'm to blame, now... ain't it a shame


14. Seven, that's the time we leave, at seven
I'll be waitin' up for heaven
Countin' every mile of railroad track
That takes me back








15. Cool down papa, don't you blow your top









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