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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for July

Question Time


This month we challenge you with fifteen jazz-related questions. How many can you answer?


Who is this?

Give yourself an extra point if you are able to name the title of the song that includes these lyrics:


Times when I know you'll be lonesome
Times when I know you'll be sad
Don't let temptation surround you
Don't let the blues make you bad


A link to the answers is at the bottom of the page - don't forget to check your score.




1. On August 25, 1959, which jazz musician was beaten by a New York City policeman on the sidewalk in front of Birdland, during a performing engagement at the club?









2. Where is the Birdland Jazz Club located – Manhattan, Harlem or Booklyn?








3. What number do you end up with if you take the number of people in Tommy Dorsey’s Clambake band, add the track number for the Chattanooga Choo Choo and then follow the instructions in a well known Dave Brubeck tune?


4. The vocal group The Mills Brothers used their voices to imitate trumpets, a tuba and a trombone. They were sometimes billed as ‘Four Boys and a .....’. What or who?


5. Duke Ellington’s first job was selling peanuts at Washington Senators baseball games. True or False?







6. What surname do trombonist Tom, saxophonist Benny and guitarist Grant have in common?








7. What is the name of the 1943 film in which Louis Armstrong played one of Lucifer Junior’s minions?


8. Which flautist’s big band released the album Fistfight At The Barndance in 2017?


9. What term in the Harry Potter books was also once used as a slang tern for marijuana and a tune recorded by Louis Armstrong?


10. What instrument do Calum Gourlay, Conor Chaplin and Misha Mullov-Abbado have in common?


11. Born Stanley Gayetski, by what name was this jazz musician generally known?


Oran Page



12. What was the nickname of Oran Page, one time trumpeter in both Count Basie and Artie Shaw’s bands? He was one of the five musicians who opened Birdland with Charlie Parker in 1949.







13. Which tenor saxophonist composed the music for Becoming, the Netflix documentary companion to Michelle Obama’s memoir.



Cal Tjader





14. In the 1940s Dave Brubeck, Paul Desmond and Cal Tjader were part of a short-lived Dave Brubeck Octet. Tjader played drums in the Octet, but with which instrument is he most commonly associated?









Who is this?


15. Which American pianist, a member of saxophonist Joshua Redman's Quartet with bassist Christian McBride and drummer Brian Blade in the mid-1990s, and who has led his own trio since the early 1990s, has recently recorded Suite: April 2020, ‘a musical snapshot of life during the last month in the world in which we’ve all found ourselves’

He says: “In Keeping Distance, for example, I traced the experience of two people social distancing, represented by the left and right hand—how they are unnaturally drawn apart, yet remain linked in some unexplainable, and perhaps illuminating way. As difficult as COVID-19 has been for many of us, there have been moments of revelation along the way. ‘Stopping, Listening: Hearing’ highlights that moment as well.” 




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