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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for May

The Names Jazz Is Called

"Jazz - once a four letter word - still a four letter word"
(Ron Rubin, who passed through the Departure Lounge in April)

Over the years, as jazz has evolved, it has been given many names for its many styles. This month we give you clues to fifteen styles of jazz. How many can you identify?


Jazz sign


Clue: Combining two or more distinct entities into a new whole.
Answer: Jazz Fusion


Give yourself an extra point if you were able to name the film in which this song appeared:

Gentlefolk of Newport
Or should I say "hats and cats, "
Please lend an ear
That you all may hear
Some shimmering sharps and flats.
For those cosy virtuosi,
known as "hipsters" to the trade,
wish to show you now
Precisely how
Jazz music is made

A link to the answers is at the bottom of the page - don't forget to check your score



What type of Jazz?


1. Not a tributary


2. A place of camping cooking pots?


3. A small reconnoitre group



Jazz sign



4. A molecule or ion capable of donating a proton.



5. Without charge?






6. As in Cornish pastie, full English breakfast and Devon cream tea.


7. Rio de Janeiro's new sound.


8. A child's garden or playground structure




Jazz sign



9. At one time a dominant language in Italy


10. Helped by zebra or pelican?





11. A period of old cloths?


12. Refrigerated jazz?


13. South Africa's Batman garb?


14. Forceful strike?


15. Romani style?




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