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Try our quiz. Fifteen questions each month to exercise those little grey cells.

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Welcome to the Jazz Quiz
for May

But Who Knows Where Or When?

This month we challenge you with fifteen jazz related questions to sharpen up those little grey cells. How many can you answer?


I Leonardo

I, Leonardo by Ralph Steadman

Give yourself an extra point if you are able to identify the title of the song from which these lyrics are taken:

Grand to be alive, to be young, to be mad, to be yours alone
Grand to see your face, feel your touch, hear your voice
Say I'm all your own


A link to the answers is at the bottom of the page - don't forget to check your score.



1. Charles Mingus wrote and recorded the tune Fables Of Faubus in response to an historic event that took place in Arkansas in 1957. In which Arkansas town did that event take place?


2. The Mississippi river features in much of jazz history. From its traditional source of Lake Itasca in northern Minnesota, it flows generally south for 2,320 miles (3,730 km) to the Delta passing through ten US states. Can you name 5 of the ten?


Benny Goodman




3. In which year did Benny Goodman's famous Carnegie Hall concert take place - 1936 or 1938?








4. Bass guitar player Shez Raja visited his homeland and as a result, released his recent album of 'Tales From ...' the area in question. What is that that region that comprises of areas of eastern Pakistan and northern India?


5. Charlie Parker died on 12th March 1955. After his death, Bird Lives! becamse a popular piece of graffiti. If he had lived, how old would he have been in May 2021?


6. For Glenn Miller's Chatanooga Choo Choo, what time do you 'leave the Pennsylvania Station'?


7. Which musical that opened in 1937 first featured the Rodgers and Hart song Where Or When?


8. Who regrets she's unable to lunch today?


9. Which decade saw the development of Acid Jazz, the founding of radio station JazzFM, the launch of Jazzwise magazine and the founding of the Jazz Section of the British Musicians’ Union?


Django Reinhardt




10. In which country was guitarist Django Reinhardt born?







11. In the 1950s, saxophonist Joe Harriott, flautist/saxophonist Harold McNairn and trumpeter Dizzy Reece all emigrated to the UK - from where?


12. According to the song, which day may be 'my good news day'?



Who is this


13. Legend has it that a young man began practicing guitar in the cemeteries of the Mississippi Delta with his teacher, Ike Zimmerman. As time went on the young man would dream of greater and greater fame until one fateful evening, as the story goes, he was instructed to go to the crossroads in Clarksdale, where he met a large, mysterious man who took his guitar and began to tune it. Once he was finished tuning the instrument, he asked the young man what he’d pay to learn to play like him? The young man offered all he had in the world — his soul. We all know the legend - who was the young Blues guitar player?






14. W C Handy's Beale Street Blues is named after Beale Street in which American City?


15. In which year was Ken Burns 10 part documentary mini-series Jazz first broadcast; Joe Henderson, John Lewis, J.J. Johnson, Billy Higgins, and Tommy Flanagan all died; and two hijacked planes flew into the World Trade Centre in New York?



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