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Born in Nigeria 1986, Zem Audu moved to England with his family when he was 3 years old. Being the son of a contemporary artist encouraged Zem to pursue the creative aspects of life. He took up the guitar at an early age but it was the saxophone that he was always interested in.


Zem attended secondary school in Kent and it was here that he first started the saxophone. With keen interest he joined all the youth music bands that he could and soon he was conducting the school big band. Photo of Zem Audu


After meeting Courtney Pine backstage at a gig, Zem started seeing Courtney regularly for lessons. Since being accepted to the Trinity College of Music, Zem has lived in London where he has been studying with Jean Toussaint.



© Photo courtesy ofZem Audu



Upon arrival in London he started going to jam sessions and soon became known to the Dune Music Company, with whom Zem now works a lot with (performing and presenting workshops) in bands such as Tomorrow’s Warriors, Nu-Troop and Jazz Jamaica.


Photo of Zem Audu


Zem went on to lead his own quartet and trio whilst also having worked as a sideman for such artists as Frank McComb, Jason Moran, Trevor Watkis and Abram Wilson. Composition is very important to Zem, and he has been writing music from the earliest stages in his musical development.



© Photo courtesy of Zem Audu

In October 2010, Zem looked back over the year:

' Since April 2010 i've been touring a lot with a ska group called 'The Skatalites'. We just came back from a South America tour, and we'll be starting another Europe tour in two weeks. We reach London on 24th November at the Carling Academy, Islington.

Also I recently released an album on line with my UK group RHYTHMICA. It's out on itunes and Amazon and the Dune music website.

I've been doing an outreach project with the Worshipful Company of Musicians when i'm back in London and also playing with the Benet McClean quartet. The last show we played was Pizza Express in September.' 

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