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January 2021




This month we challenged you to work out our version of the popular panel game 'Only Connect'. The task was to sort the 16 names in the grid below into four groups of four connected names. Some names might seem to fall into more than one group, but there is only one complete solution. How did you get on?


Percy Heath


The answers are below ....


Laura Jurd
Ella Hohnen-Ford
John Lewis
Elliot Galvin
Ian Shaw
Peter Vacher
Conor Chaplin
Tina May
Milt Jackson
Liane Carroll
Clive Davis
Dave Gelly
Alyn Shipton
Percy Heath
Corrie Dick
Connie Kay



Group 1: John Lewis, Milt Jackson, Percy Heath, Connie Kay

The Modern Jazz Quartet


Group 2. Ian Shaw, Tina May, Liane Carroll, Ella Hohnen-Ford

UK Jazz Vocalists


Group 3. Laura Jurd, Elliot Galvin, Conor Chaplin, Corrie Dick

The band Dinosaur


Group 4. Peter Vacher, Dave Gelly, Alyn Shipton, Clive Davis

UK Jazz Critics / Writers


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