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October 2020




This month we challenged you to work out our version of the popular panel game 'Only Connect'. The task was to sort the 16 words in the grid below into four groups of four connected words. Some words might seem to fall into more than one group, but there is only one complete solution. How did you get on?


Lionel Hampton


The answers are below ....


Sidney Story

Benny Goodman
Kind Of Blue

Jim Hart

Jonny Mansfield
Blue Book
Gene Krupa
Mingus Ah Um
Lionel Hampton
Lulu White
Joe Locke
Mahogany Hall
The Shape Of Jazz To Come
Teddy Wilson
Time Out
Gary Burton


Group 1: Sidney Story : Blue Book : Mahogany Hall : Lulu White

Aspects of New Orleans Storyville red light district at the end of the 1890s / early 1900s. Sidney Story was the alderman who set out the boundaries and legislation to control prostitution; the Blue Book was a guide to brothels which included perhaps the most famour, Mahogany Hall, run by Lulu White.


Group 2: Benny Goodman : Gene Krupa : Lionel Hampton : Teddy Wilson

The original Benny Goodman Quartet.

[Click here for film of the Quartet playing I Got A Heartful Of Music in 1937].


Group 3 : Kind Of Blue : Mingus Ah Um : The Shape Of Jazz To Come : Time Out

Four albums released in 1959 that signalled what became known as 'The year that changed jazz'.


Group 4: Jim Hart : Jonny Mansfield : Joe Locke : Gary Burton

Jazz vibraphone players.

[Click here for a video of Gary Burton playing Afro Blue in 2013 with Julian Lage (guitar); Scott Colley (bass); and Antonio Sanchez (drums)]




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