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The monthly Tea Break is a series of short, fun items in What's New Magazine that also gives jazz musicians an opportunity to update us with what they are doing. Here are the Tea Breaks they (and I) have taken since 2015.


Utah Teapot

Yazz Ahmed
Martin Archer
Will Arnold-Forster

Fini Bearman
Ellie Bignall
Sam Braysher
Tom Challenger
Verona Chard
Trish Clowes
Bryan Corbett
Alyn Cosker
Julian Costello
Nick Costley White
Adrian Cox
Josephine Davies
Owen Dawson
Corrie Dick
Lara Eidi
Filipe Freitas and Clara Pereira
Matt Fripp
Calum Gourlay
Tom Green
Frank Griffith
Andy Hague
Alec Harper
Mel Henry
Alex Hitchcock
Martin Hummel
Johnny Hunter
Chris Ingham
Ida Karlsson
Peter Kerr
Andrew Linham
Rob Luft
Georgia Mancio
Dave Manington
Luca Manning
Ian Maund
Helen Mayhew
Scott Murphy
Corey Mwamba
Jon Newey
Carl Orr
Ed Parr
Alastair Penman
Clara Pereira
Mike Pointon
Maciek Pysz
Sam Rapley
Neal Richardson
Alvin Roy
Steve Rubie
Fraser Smith
Tom Smith
Carl Spencer
Henry Spencer
Simon Spillet
Alexander Stewart
Tini Thomsen
Jimmy Thomson
Christine Tobin
Alex Webb
Mike Whitaker
Joe Williamson


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