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The monthly Tea Break is a series of short, fun items in What's New Magazine that also gives jazz musicians an opportunity to update us with what they are doing.


Frank Griffith (Saxophone)- September 2015


Frank Griffith


Hi Frank, tea or coffee?

Coffee, and plenty of it.


Hob Nob, Bourbon, Garibaldi or digestive biscuit?

Digestive biscuit with plenty of bourbon.


Sonny Stitt, Stan Getz or Albert Ayler?

I always say "When Sonny Blew Getz" to this question. Hard choice with the Sonny's but probably Getz for the variety of settings, arrangments and repertoire that he delved into.


Milk and sugar?

I avoid "the white death" at all costs, but yes, I like my java white.



What gigs have you played recently?

Ealing Jazz Festival in July. Pizza Express on Dean Street with Cafe Society Swing in August, Norden Farm Centre for the Arts with Tina May. Also, Finchcocks Musical Musuem in Tunbridge Wells with Roan Kearsey-Lawson.


What have you got coming up in September

13th September - Devonshire Arms, Bedford. 20th September - Cafe Loco in Vittorio Mura


Muswell Hill. 27th September - The Pheasantry in Chelsea both with Pete Mathews (songwriter).


Who else have you heard recently that we should listen out for?

Roy Hilton, fine pianist from Eastbourne. Vittorio Mura, young tenor saxist from Bedford who is completing his final year of the Birmingham Conservatoire Jazz Course.

Vittorio Mura.

Click here for Roy Hilton playing Tadd Dameron's The Squirrel with the Dave Cliff Quintet.


Another biscuit?

Biscuit???? You mean another little thought or gem? It is incumbent (necessary) for the musicians to create the opportunities and venues for the music. Do not expect it this to be the sole responsibility of non musicians. Now get to work!!


[Click here for our page on Frank Griffith.Here is a video of Frank playing a fine solo on Speak Low from Jazz At The Movies with Joanna Eden - vocal, Chris Ingham - piano, Arnie Somogyi - bass, George Double - drums ].




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