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The monthly Tea Break is a series of short, fun items in What's New Magazine that also gives jazz musicians an opportunity to update us with what they are doing. Here are the Tea Breaks they (and I) have taken since 2015.

Dave Manington (Bass) - December 2015


Dave Manington



Hi Dave, tea or coffee?

A nice cuppa tea please.


Hob Nob, Bourbon, Garibaldi or digestive biscuit?

Garibaldi? Not had one of those for a while.


Ray Brown, Jaco Pastorius or Charlie Haden?

If I had to choose it would definitely be Charlie Haden. I love them all but Charlie Haden is my biggest influence in terms of double bass playing. Never a flashy player but lovely big full


Charlie Haden and Hank Jones playing Spiritual from the Steal Away album.





Milk and sugar?

Just milk, ta.


What gigs have you played recently?

November was a busy month. I’ve been playing in Poland, Norway and Lithuania with Marius Neset’s band which has been a treat, it’s a real high energy band. I’ve had gigs with Tori Freestone’s trio ahead of a recording for our 2nd album as a band later in the month. The London Jazz Festival kept me busy, including gigs with Yazz Ahmed, The Button Band and Lukas Oravec, a great trumpeter from Slovakia. In terms of my own projects, I’ve had a couple of gigs with a new trio version of my band, just myself, Brigitte Beraha on vocals Dave Maningtonand Rob Updegraff on guitar. We’re trying out some folksier songs and all three of us are using loop pedals at various points to add to the texture. Finally to top it all off, I got to play with one of my musical heroes when I played with Iain Ballamy at e17jazz on the 24th!


What have you got coming up in December and January?

Another gig with Tori Freestone at Leicester Jazz House on 11th December, a tribute to recently departed Allen Toussaint with New Orleans band The Coalminers at Ronnie Scott’s on the 20th December, and the E17 Large Ensemble at e17jazz on the 22nd December. In January I have nothing so far so I’ll sleep, run and practice!


Who else have you heard recently that we should listen out for?

The best thing I’ve heard recently is Julian Argüelles’s Tetra. Sounds like Jarrett’s European Quartet at their best.



Nitty Gritty played live by Julian Argüelles’s Tetra (Click here to read Howard Lawes' review of Julian Argüelles’s Tetra album).



Another biscuit?

Why not?!


Click here for the article by Dave Manington talking about the track Agile from his album Hullabaloo. Click here for Dave's website.


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